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3.02H BIG Picture Africa

No description

Bryce Johns

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of 3.02H BIG Picture Africa

3.02H BIG Picture Africa
By Bryce Johns
Four of the City States
Great Zimbabwe
Axum was created by African and Arabs that built cities along the coast of the Red Sea. Great Zimbabwe was founded by Bantu Migrations that built cities. Oromo was founded by raiders that were looking for resources. Meroe was built by the Kush people that broke free from egyption rule
Axum was a trade city with a great influential market. Great Zambabwe was known for trading gold. Oromo had a feirce group of soldiers that raided many places. Meroe had a trade route with Arabs, Greeks, and Romans but were later destroyed by Axum
Axum has an Obelisk that is a large tourist sight. Great Zimbabwe has great stone architecture. Oromo has the Sheik Hussein Shrine. Meroe has pyramids that are big but not as big as the egyptian ones.
Axum had people that spoke different languages such as Nilo, Cushitic, and Semitic. Great Zimbabwe had lots of old culture and made itself a monument. Oromo people were very multi culture and spoke their own version of Semitic. Meroe were Kush
Axum was able to create their own currency. Great Zimbabwe was ruled as a monarchy. Oromo created their own social system called Gada which was like a democracy. Meroe was also a monarchy.
Axum was a big trade city and they trade various items from gold to spices. Great Zimbabwe relied on agricultural trade. Oromo was dependent of the money they made from trading solely coffee. Meroe was dependent on trade, farming, and mining
Axum was polytheistic but later converted to Christianity. Great Zimbabwe was very religious and their politics showed this. Oromo like Axum Oromo converted to Christianity when the missionaries came through. Meroe also converted to Christianity
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