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Women's Rights in Ancient Athens and Sparta

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william richardson

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Women's Rights in Ancient Athens and Sparta

Women's Rights in Ancient Athens and Sparta
Facts about Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek were formed nearly 4,000 years ago. Greece wasn't one country but many smaller city-states, each with its own laws, customs and rulers.

The two most powerful city-states were Sparta and Athens.

They were very different from each other.

Women had very different roles and rights in Athens and Sparta.
Athenian Woman Spartan Woman

Women's Rights in Athens
Women in Athens had very few rights. They were treated very poorly by the men. Rich women had to stay at home and could only leave for important events like funerals and festivals. Poor women worked along with their husbands to make a living. Even though Athens invented democracy women could not vote or do any political activity.

Women were also limited in owning property. There male family members had control of the property and women could only own jewelry, clothing, and a personal slave.

Women did have some power at home. They were trained while they were young to run a household doing things like cooking, cleaning, raising children, making clothing, buying food, and sometimes helping their husbands work. They usually were not taught how to read and write though.

Women got married young (around 14) usually to an older man. Their husband was chosen for then by their father. The girls had no say in it.

Women's Rights in Sparta
Women in Sparta had many more rights.

*girls were educated just like the boys
*girls exercised and played sports outside like boys (NAKED!)
*Girls had a say in getting married. They also married later and to men closer to their age.
*Women could own land and property.
*Spartan women were outspoken and participated in debates with Spartan men.
*Spartan men were all soldiers and lived in barracks and let women run most things.

Ancient Athens
Ruins of Ancient Sparta
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