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First Light Project

No description

Mara Clemons

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of First Light Project

First Light Project
By:Mara Clemons

There are three different settings in the novel; New York City, Greenland, and Gracehope. The most vivid setting is Gracehope. Gracehope is a little world inside a glacier that the "elders" created. There is a secret passage way that leads into it. They have a lake and trees and you travel around this town by ice skating and using sleds.
The author's intent for writing this novel seems to be to entertain. The theme of the plot is exploring, meeting new people, and going with what you believe is right.
Literary Elements
The symbolism of the red twisted ring is very important.
It symbolises the first bloodline and the way into Gracehope.
Protagonist & Antagonist
The story is narrated from two points of view, that of Peter and Thea. I view Peter as the Protagonist, and Thea as a main character. Peter might be characterized as a kind, loyal, and adventurous person.

One of the major antagonists is society. The main conflict between the protagonist and antagonist seems to be that many people do not understand Peter or respect him. He finds a new world that is very different from the society he is used to. Because of this major conflict the plot development is altered by Peter going exploring because he is tired of his parents. He finds Gracehope.
The name of my book is First Light. The author is Rebecca Stead.
Author's Diction
"Peter is thrilled to join his parents on an expedition to Greenland." The Author is very descriptive and uses vivid verbs.
Peter lives in New York City. He has to go to Greenland for his father's job with icebergs. Thea lives in Gracehope and accidentally finds the tunnel leading to the wider world. She and Mattias go exploring when Mattias is in trouble. Peter finds Thea near the tunnel exit and saves Mattias. Peter comes into Gracehope and later discovers that his mom and dad were looking for Gracehope and he is Thea's cousin.
"Everyone," Thea called over the noise, "I would like to introduce my cousin. His name is Peter. He has come here from the wider world." (p. 303)

This was a major turning point.
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