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The Wish Stealers

No description

sweet brown

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of The Wish Stealers

The Wish Stealers
By: Tracy Trivas
An 11 year old girl who wishes on almost everything
Dadesville, Kansas
A sickly old woman who tricks Griffin into taking other peoples' stolen wishes.
Garrett is 11, is Griffin's science partner, and the drummer in his own band.
Grandma Penshine
Dr. Penshine
Griffin's mom, and an astronomer
Wish Stealer - n. Someone who steals coins that people made a wish on.
As soon as Griffin realizes what has happened, she tries to return all the stolen pennies.
World Peace,
A Puppy,
Is Griffin's very close Grandmother
No homework,
A Dad,
And,Most Beautiful...
Rules of being a wish stealer:

1. NONE of your good wishes will come true

2. ALL of your evil wishes will come true.

3. If you tell anyone that you are a wish stealer
that person will be cursed forever.
Were all the wishes that people had wished on those stolen pennies.
First, Griffin gives back the "no homework" penny to her science teacher, Mr. Luckner.
Next, Griffin returns the "Success" penny to a street
performer who plays the violin.
Then, Griffin returns the "Most Beautiful" penny
to a girl in her class who wanted to be the most
beautiful ballet dancer.
Griffin kept on returning the pennies. "A dad" to Garrett,
"STOP" , to Grandma Penshine,
and"A puppy" to the actual owner of the penny.
Just one more penny.....
Does Griffin return it or stay a wish stealer forever?
to find out.
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