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Unit 3: Artifact Deconstruction

John Green's Thought Bubble: Health Care Overhaul (Summarized Via Massive Pig)

Jason C

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3: Artifact Deconstruction

Packaging Rhetrickery Consumerism Images Music Animation Context John Green's Thought Bubble

Fast tempo
Single looped beat
Music keeps the images and content moving forward Trendy
Professional The perceived voice of reason in the helthcare debate
Created before signing of the healthcare bill
A bi-partisan perspective...
Starts with the claim that everyone agrees that the healthcare system is in need of reform
Presented as an appeal of logos, while in actuality the argument is very emotionally charged
Opion is voiced as the one, correct view on the issue
Subtly presents the public option as just one possible solution, but decries all other solutions as unviable and foolish.
Should hard-working Americans have to spend their money to support those who cannot?
Should healthy Americans have to help those who do not take care of their bodies?
The fiscal struggle between private healthcare and the public option Packaging, Rhetrickery, and Consumerism A non-profit animated video advocating for healthcare reform, specifically the "public option", by comparing the failing healthcare system to a corpulent pig that cannot stand up. Three options of what to do with a pig that is too big to walk:
#1: Kill it #2: Put it on a diet #3: Keep feeding it according to the video, this analogy is This video is a cultural artifact based on the way it comments on a specific time and place in our culture. Its methods of packaging, rhetrickery, and consumerism reveal a rhetoric specific to a singular context--the recent healthcare bill debate. While it is still relevant to a contemporary viewer, the video is also already a relic of the past in some ways--an artifact that represents a fierce political change in the United States that took place during our lifetimes. In much the same way, though on a smaller scale, this Prezi will soon be a cultural artifact. As a video, this cultural artifact can be broken down with three primary terms:
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