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Household Robots

No description

Julia Rallo

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Household Robots

By Julia Rallo and Natalie Mullen Household Robots Household robots perform tasks around the house such as vacuuming, cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn, clean/mop floors (or carpets), and webcams or secrity, etc. 1.What tasks do household robots perform? What human function or task do these robots simulate? The robots are used around the house. Where are the robots used? What is the work envelope (how many degrees of freedom or flexible joints do they have)? Pool cleaning- 6 degrees
Mowing the lawn- 4 degrees
Cleaning/ moping the floor- 6 degrees
vacuuming- 4 degrees Most of the robots are not multi-functional. They are made for one thing wether it's cleaning the floor, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the pool. These robots can have diffrent settings but they can not do 3 diffrent things. Some of the household robots are multi functional, such as the security or webcams. These robots can teake pictures, add effects to the pictures, videotape, and videochat. Is the robotic effector multi-functional? What other tasks does it perform? The robots have sensors to help them see or move. When they touch (using their sensors) a wall they turn around. What sensors do they robots have and how do the robots use these sensors - Missing areas when cleaning
- Parts breaking
- costs a lot of money
- may break down
- it can not think beyond what it is meant to do
- they require maitnence
- they require a power source Disadvantages - robots can take jobs
- prevents people from working hard
- effect the economy $$$
- less time consuming Robot's Impact On Society The jobs that a household robot can create to provide employment for people are housekeeping,landscaper, and a pool cleaner What types of jobs/carers can this robot create to provide employment for people? How will robots be altered to perform more or difftrent tasks in the future? People are already starting with plans for future household robots! Maybe in the future household robot can expand their variety of skills such as having one robot clean the pool, mow the lawn, and clean floors (multi task). Also they might have them do harder jobs like taking out the trash or cleaning windows. Vacuuming Robot Lawn mowing robot Pool cleaning robot Thanks for watching !!!
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