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Woodrow Wilson: The Best President Ever

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on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Woodrow Wilson: The Best President Ever

Woodrow Wilson: The Best President Ever
Famous Decisions
Wilson declared war against Germany, entering WWI, with majority approval from Congress.
Wilson attempted to create the League of Nations in order to maintain world peace. Although the league failed, it lead to the formation of the United Nations which is a success to this day.
Progressive Reform Agenda
: Wilson tried to make the executive branch more dominant.
Foreign Policy

During a Mexican Revolution, Wilson refused to recognize Victoriano Huerta as leader. In 1914, he ordered Veracruz to prevent Huerta from receiving arms. Wilson was able to avoid war and Huerta was overthrown.
Neutrality during WWI
"Wilsonianism" -Open Global Market, spread Democracy, & World Peace

The 28th President
Economic Policy
The Federal Reserve Act
created a banking system under governmental control.
The Federal Trade Commission Act
, directed against monopoly, preventing overwhelming concentration of power in industry.
The Revenue Act of 1913
pushed for stricter laws on beginning of income tax.
Handle Crisis?
Woodrow Wilson's Preservation of Neutrality kept the U.S. out of the beginning of WWI. Americans praised this and reelected him primarily based on this policy.
The Zimmerman Note and the sinking of the Lusitania pushed Wilson to enter WWI.
Early Life
First president to have a P.H.D

Won the Nobel Peace Prize

President of Princeton 1902
Fought for close relationships between teachers and students through preceptorial system

Governor of New Jersey 1910
Pushed through the legislature a corrupt-practices act, an employers' liability act, and a law regulating the public utilities
Remembered For...
Speech of Fourteen Points:
The defeat of German militarism and the establishment of peace resting on just principles.
As he traveled around millions looked up to him for his ideas of world peace, making him extremely popular.
Great Leader?
Great War President
He knew when to engage in warfare. In WWI he had a goal to maintain neutrality for as long as possible and was successful until provoked.

Cared For Interest of the People
Regarded himself as the personal representative of the people.



www.whitehouse.gov › About the White House‎

Right Man Right Time?
Woodrow Wilson was able to react efficiently to WWI and made many attempts to bring peace after the war.
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