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paleo indians

No description

Lauren Hall

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of paleo indians

The Paleo Period The First People 9500-8000 B.C. The Paleo Indians were the first people in America. Archaeologists believe that they crossed a land bridge from Siberia to North America called Beringia. They were Nomads who
wandered hundreds of
miles in search of food and because of that they had to move every three to four days. They had a form of communication between each other but not a form of written language. There were no plantsfor them to eat(so they mainly ate meat)
they traveled in small family groups
they didn't stay in one place for very long. There weapons were spears and knives made of flint. Stone tools were often the only evidence that the paleo occupied the area. This is a hammer stone used to make other stone tools. They made and used dugout canoes. Shelters were small,temporary domed structures covered with brush, animal furs, or a combination of brush and bone or fur and bone. Crowley's ridge has a well preserved Paleo site called Sloan site. There is also a Paleo Cemetery which is the oldest cemetery in the United States. Michael Million
brushing sediment
from an artifact
at the Sloan site. Hunted mastodons, mammoths, giant elk, giant beavers, musk oxen, prehistoric horses, and tapirs. spear knife both used to kill animals How the Paleo indians came to North America via land bridge.
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