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A Golden Age: Three West African Empires

project for social studies group: Alexandria Faust, Megan Hammond, Megan Chaffin, Olivia Francis, and Hailey Bourgeois.(:

alexandria faust

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of A Golden Age: Three West African Empires

Three West African Empires A Golden Age: What resources made Taghaza and Walata important? What were two uses of salt that made it a valuable trade product? They used it as a spice for foods and a preserver for foods. One trade route from Ghana to Tunis passed through Marrakech and two other cities. Name the the two other cities. Siljimasa and Timbuktu Ghana's location helped it become a wealthy trade center because they were by a water source, this meant that they can exchange or trade by sailing to different places. How did Ghana's location help it become a wealthy trading center? What is the Silent trade? The silent trade is a way to trade without talking to the other group, it was used for people who didn't share the same language. What are three products other than salt that moved north to Ghana? A. Ghana got gold cattle and metals Imagine that you are a caravan of traders traveling from Ghana to Cairo. Write an account of your journey including the distance and the description of what it would be like such as the dangers you encountered. If i was on a caravan of traders traveling from Ghana to Cairo, i would go a very long distance the distance from Ghana to Cairo is 2654 miles! That's a lot we have encountered very many frightful things such as going through the very, very hot Sahara Desert their were sandstorms and many dangerous creatures like venomous snakes and many other wild animals. We would get great trading products like salt which as a preserver and it was used as a spice for foods. We would also get gold and silver and metals. One thing that made these places important were that salt and gold were traded. Another thing that made these important was that, they were major cities for trading. What are three products other than gold that move from Ghana to the north?
B. ivrey, salt and slaves. cattle and salt Alexandria Faust
Megan Hammond
Megan Chaffin
Olivia Francis
Hailey Bourgeois Project Made By:
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