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SMM Presentation (Stile)

No description

Adnan Khan

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of SMM Presentation (Stile)

Marketing Objective
Our Mission is to maintain our position as the leader in the tile industry in Pakistan and for this purpose we will continue to focus on:
We are committed to quality products and will provide our customers with innovative sizes, designs and color scheme that they will be delighted to have and shall provide them with excellent services to earn their loyalty.
We shall treat our employees fairly and shall provide conducive working environment for them to learn and to grow with the company.
The company shall earn adequate profits for its progress and growth and for providing reasonable return to its shareholders
While enhancing our "Stile" Brand as a Market Leader, Focusing our Human Capital, continues to delight our Customers in the field of Building Materials, Offering Best Quality Innovative Products at Prices Be-Fitting Stile Brand. Improving Efficiency, Conserving Energy and being Environmental Friendly, Taking into account the Stakeholders Interest
 To increase the brand awareness amongst the people by increased marketing physical presence using brand ambassadors to assure quality services of the organization.
 To increase the market share by involving all the stake holders and build long term credibility and sustainability through our dealer network.
 To increase the customer satisfaction by producing high quality product
Market share
Market Size
Target market
Porcelain tile
37 %
Ceramic tile
63 %
(STILE) 22 %
Master Tiles 23%
Imported Tiles
Market size (volume wise)
2011: 51,300 sq. meters sale volume (2010: 32,832 sq. meters) 56% growth
2012: 64,800 sq. meters sale volume (2011: 51,300 sq. meters) 26% growth
2013: 108,000 sq. meters sale volume (2012: 64,800 sq. meters) 67% growth
2014: projected turnover of porcelain tiles 65% to 85% growth,
200,000 sq. meters volume
Market size (value wise)
2011: 114,394 mm sale value (2010: 64,983 mm) 76% growth
2012: 138,914 mm sale value (2011: 114,394 mm) 22% growth
2013: 244,911 mm sale value (2012: 138,914 mm) 76% growth
2014: projected turnover of porcelain tiles 80% to 90% growth, 400,000 mm turnovre value
Upper middle and Elite Class Personal's
Trendy and literate
Have purchasing power
Style conscious and trendy
Having strong social circles e.g Misbah – ul – Haq called directly to CEO for the purchase of tiles.
Educational and Health Institutions like LNH, AKUH, Civil Hospital, Abbassi, IBA , DOW, NED University etc.
Banks (National Bank, HBL, Bank Al- Habib).
Organizations like KESC, Dream World etc
Builders engaged in construction of new age apartments and Office Buildings like Saima , Rufi Builders, Bahria town etc.
Civil Contractors engaged in construction of Bungalows and trendy Town Houses.
Interior Designers engaged in designing interiors of Offices, Showrooms and Outlets.

Social Class
User status
Loyalty Status
Country Region
Population density
4 P'S
Porcelain Existing & our suggested Promotions strategy
Product Levels
Core Product
Actual Product
Augmented Product

20x20 inches (50 x50 cm) per Sq. Mtr
Imported Tiles Rs 1,600 without any discount
Master Tiles Rs. 1,228 without any discount
Shabbir Tiles Rs 1,227 after discount Rs. 1,150
Businesses , Civil Contractors etc
Display Center
South Zone
North zone
Central Zone.

Market into different zones
Porcelain Existing
Advertising - 5%
Porcelain Existing
Sales Promotion – 5%
Porcelain Existing
Public Relation
– 15%
Porcelain Existing
Personal Selling
– 60 %
Porcelain Existing
Direct Marketing
– 15%
Print ads
Brochures & booklets
Point of purchase displays
Our Suggested
Advertising - 15%
Print media Ads (including TV ads for creating awareness about porcelain product)
Premiums & gift for distributors
Our Suggested promotion is same
Include exhibitions because it is very important now a days which Stile is not focusing currently
Annual Report
First time introduce Sponsorship (Young leader conference organized by school of leadership

Our Suggested
Public Relation – 25%
Sales meeting
Our suggested
Personal Selling
– 40 %
Our Suggested promotion is same
Complex Buying Behavior
Dissonance reducing Buying Behavior
Variety Seeking Buying Behavior
Habitual Buying Behavior
Technical collaboration with international organization is a good prospect.
The brand has strong outreach at a national level.
The awareness is increasing amongst the customers about tiles and ceramics industry.
People who are aware, give importance to the services, quality of the product and value for money pricing as strong attributes.
The distribution network of the company is very strong.
Customers are perceiving stile as old brand not aligning with the modern corporate practices.
There is still no particular positioning strategy for the brand is established
The target market is not segmented properly as it needs to be focus on different client differently
Customer image is that local manufactured product is not as great as a low quality china imported product.
People started giving value to the products like hard finish floor such as tiles, ceramics and fixtures.
Wide scope of electronic media and print media to everyone to get more ideas.
Customers are getting serious about their home decoration consulting architects and interior designers for decoration of their floors and walls designs.
Awareness of floor & ceramics are now increasing among urban as well as semi urban markets
Competition is now more aggressive and brand has to perform well to achieve competitive advantage
Porcelain Competition
Product Category
Porcelain Tiles
Total Budget Competitors
Labor, &
All parts of Construction
Brand Competitors
Master Tiles
Product Competitors
Ceramic Tiles
Generic Competitors
Mosaic Flooring
Vinyl Flooring
Cement Flooring
 Stile offers guaranteed competitive prices
 Most reliable services and products.
 Offer very short lead times on all products.
 Porcelain tile are much harder and more wear and damage or crack resistant
 Water absorption rate is very low up to < 0.5% as per ISO norms.
 Easier to clean then unglazed or textured porcelain stone wear tiles.
Critical issues
Production Problems
Legal Environment
Societal Changes, Economic issues
Similar pronounceable brand names like style.
Reactive approach most of the time.
Additional Services (delivery, Construction, Repair and maintenance)
Nearly 10 years back they initiated exporting to UAE, Sudan, Oman, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. As of today we have exported millions of Sqm² Ceramics and Porcelain tiles as well as large quantity of Installation / Building materials.
One of the top 500 Global and Pakistan's largest ISO certified manufacturer of international standard Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles.
Also house the latest Italian technology and state-of-the art machinery.
Stile group has equities and technical collaborations with British, Japanese and Norwegian companies.
General Consumer related
Export Related
Financial Objective
Contingency Plan A /B
Yearly review for the Growth of existing product.
Pricing and style competitive review in view of current market requirement and other economic issues
Track revenue generation - Monthly and annual, performance compared to planned sales projections.
Track expenses - Monthly and annual, compared to planned expenses.
Research and Development - as a percentage of revenue.
Customer Satisfaction - Review repeated purchases from customers and generate active customer referrals
Problems generating through production side shortage of utility like gas.
Supplier problem & transportation problem faced should be catered by having alternative solutions like increasing suppliers and dealership network.
Difficulties finding qualified skilled employees.
A serious slump in the economy that has a devastating effect on the building of new homes.
Having to liquidate equipment to cover liabilities as their financing cost is currently higher since inception of new machineries from Italy and Germany.
Problems generating sufficient sales like stile can focus on Promotions etc.
Barriers developing a large network via outlets can be reduced by increase Stile dealership network that would save higher overheads costs.
Overly aggressive and debilitating actions by competitors can be reduced by having proactive approach over the current market.
Stile has variety of contingent options available with them under floor and wall tiles market where Aqua Jet, Ink Jet Tiles recently established as an accomplishment at AKUH Pediatric Ward and its enormous success so far Stile can think to make this product and its premium product which may replaces Porcelain tiles easily. Stile also further explore and mainly focus on this if need arises as a contingent option.
Revenue Growth
Revenue growth comes from an emphasis on sales and marketing activities, and is solely concerned with increasing top-line earnings
Profit Margins
Profit, or bottom-line earnings, can be used in a number of ways, including investing it back into the business for expansion and distributing it among employees in a profit-sharing arrangement.
Companies may be concerned with financial sustainability during periods of economic crsis
Return on Investment
Suitable Reture to our shakholder

Thank You!
STAKE Member
yed Saqlain Sajid - 19717
alut - 20423
dnan Idrees Khan - 13562
hawaja Noman Ahmad - 13667
jaz Ali - 21791

Term Project
Net profit margin
Asset turnover
Receivable collection period
Interest cover
Gross profit margin
For 2013
1.68 %
For 2012
1.61 %
For 2013
For 2012
For 2012
62.05 Days
For 2013
For 2012
For 2013
For 2013
24.05 %
For 2012
27.92 %
Stile – URL - www.stile.com.pk

Stile – URL - http://www.stile.com.pk/downloads/downloads.php (corporate Brochure, Floor Cataloque, D.I.Y Catalogue

Stile – Personnel’s provided information (Rizwan Iqbal – Deputy Manager Marketing, Jawwad – Sr. HR officer , Asif Ali Abdy – Sr. HR officer) (Business cards of the personnel enclosed on Page 27 – Section 6 of Business Card – Stile officials).

Stile Annual report URL - http://www.stile.com.pk/investor/annual_final2013.pdf
BCG Matrix
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