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7.04 Introductions in Argument Writing

No description

bryanna holledge

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of 7.04 Introductions in Argument Writing

As a secondary offense, in order to receive consequences, you have to be caught in this act twice.
Sentence 7:
That's all you have to pay, a simple thirty dollars. You tell me, is that really much of a deterrence to distracted driving?
Sentence 10 & 11:
Texting while driving appears to be one of the most absolute distractions to people driving today.
Sentence 5:
However, the issues today are not the same as they used to be.
Sentence 3:
Every single day, our highways, expressways and streets get more and more busy.
Sentence 1:
Upon being pulled over a third time for this offense, you are then given your consequence: a fine of a whopping thirty dollars.
Sentence 8:
The state of Florida passed a law against it, however it is only a secondary offense.
Sentence 6:
Instead of messing about trying to find a station on their radios, now people are all caught up in their new gadgets: their phones, their iPods, whatever.
Sentence 4:
Distracted driving is not just an issue among teens, but in adults as well.
Sentence 2:
7.04 Introductions in Argument Writing
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