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PSA Meeting #3 October 22, 2015

No description

Fatima Yusuf

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of PSA Meeting #3 October 22, 2015

Red Ribbon Week
Monday: Don't Drugs Be Your Kryptonite (Superhero day)

Tuesday: Peace Out Drugs! (Tie-Dye Tuesday)



1. Debrief Blood Drive
2. Introduce Mock Trial
3. Debrief UC Davis Pre-Health Conference
4. Introduce Nursing Home Event
5. Red Ribbon Week
6. T-Shirt Design Voting Next Advocacy
7. Fundraiser for Popcorn
8. See's Candy Coming Soon
9. Additional Medical Opportunities
10. Blue Star Moms
Blood Drive
- We got a lot of blood. But in all seriousness, it was very successful.

- Sophomores and juniors did an excellent job with execution alongside returning seniors.

- Debrief meeting for blood drive will be held on next Thursday in HP-2 from 3:11-3:45.
The Nursing Home con Tay Tay
- Donations for the elderly at the nursing home on Bruceville Terrace.
- Prizes for bingo and the upcoming Christmas season.
- The activities committee there have a very low budget and they would love to add a little more joy to the lives of the residents.
- Requested prizes:
Jewelry for women, beanies/hats, room decor ,and more jewelry (they have a passion for fashion)
-For every five items donated you can receive an hour of community service.
Mock Trial con Sam
Case: Kahn vs. Kahn (Domestic Violence)


November 4th: First Meeting
November 9th: Check in Meeting
December 3rd: Actual Trial
December 10th: The saga continues...
UC Davis Pre-Health Conference
- Super dooper fun!
- Most student went for two days and were able to attend workshops that related to all aspects of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and public health.
- We also got Panera!
- Personally, I was able to hear a nobel laureate, the CEO of Kaiser, a cardiothoracic surgeon from Stanford, a highly respected cardiologist from UC Davis, and the dean of Mayo Medical School speak. Woah!
PSA Meeting #3 October 22, 2015
- You can sign up to be a jury member anytime through the
group page!

- Please sign up at the end of the meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Red Ribbon Week Poster Making
Today in Advocacy! Come, come all! Make your vision a reality! I have example poster designs.
Popcorn Fundraiser!
- Make sure you are selling your popcorn!
-We're selling during the fall season so the popcorn should arrive during Thanksgiving time.
- Help a friend out!
- Whichever class sells the most gets a cool prize.

See's Candy is coming soon!

(i.e next semester)

Blue Star Moms
- The freshmen are collecting donations. You may have already seen the boxes around classrooms.

- Make sure to donate and sign up for the packing party which is on:
Red Cross Event
- December 4-5th, the American Red Cross will
be installing 1000 fire alarms in low income neighborhoods.

December 4: Putting up tags
December 4: Installing alarms

- You can going if you're not in Red Cross Club but you
will have to go through some tasks.

- We need as many volunteers as possible!
Red Cross Certified!
At the next meeting I will get the calendar for sign up dates!

First Aid, AED, Babysitting

Saturday, December 12
Location: William Land Park
3800 South Land Park Drive
Sacramento, California
Tasks: checking in participants, passing out swag, handing out hot chocolate on the course, spreading holiday cheer, and much more!
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