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Infulences on your Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Key influences on sustained involvement in physical activity, including; people, image, culture, resources, health and wellbeing, socio-economic factors, policies in PE, PESSCL, School Sport Partnership, Sport England and Youth Sport Trust.

Peter Hall

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Infulences on your Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Influences on Healthy, Active Lifestyles
Many people affect your participation in sport.
The way in which we are perceived can affect how much physical activity we get involved in
Having the right equipment or availability to facilities can affect a person's access to physical activity.
Illness and health problems can affect participation in physical activities.
Sport may be a way for a person to remain healthy.
Health and Wellbeing
Your social and economic status can affect the type and amount of physical activities you are involved in.
Socio-Economic Factors
The influence of the peer group (people of the same age) is very important. It is much easier to succeed in any activity with the encouragement and support of friends.
Children frequently take part in the same physical activities as their parents. They also often support the same teams.
Role Models
People whose actions are emulated by others. They can be a variety of people in different roles. Elite athletes may encourage others to take up sport. Role models have a responsibility to act in a professional manor.
Many activities require the "right" equipment (e.g. boots, gloves, clubs, etc.)
Some brands can be very fashionable - and expensive - partly because of media coverage of famous sportspeople.
Time of year can influence sales:
- Tennis equipment increases around Wimbledon
- Fitness clothing increases around New Year
Media coverage increases the popularity of physical activity.
The London 2012 Olympics is an excellent example of how TV coverage can increase the popularity of certain sports.
Cultural factors such as disability, age, gender and race can affect the amount of physical activity someone does.
People with disabilities can take part in many activities.
The London 2012 Olympics has proved that resources and opportunities for disabled people are increasing.
However more still needs to be done at a local level.
Age can affect performance and also influence participation in physical activity.
In most sports it is good to start young, although some sports have minimum age limits.
Work and family, as well as health problems may prevent adults and older people from participating.
Taking up sport may be influenced by ethnic background.

Identify sports which have a high proportion of ethnic minority performers.
The idea that some physical activities are more or less exclusively male and others female has more or less disappeared.
Some activities have more opportunities for on sex than the other.
Public perception can be a problem.
There must be suitable facilities and resources available for people to take part in physical activities.
Participation in sport depends upon what is locally available.
Facilities need to be easily accessible.
E.g. disabled access, parking, public transport links.
Facilities need to be available at convenient times.
E.g. evenings and weekends.
Most activities have some associated costs, these can affect the opportunities in physical activities.
If people cannot afford to take part, their socio-economic status has influenced their involvement.
This relates to a person's current situation or position in society.
This can determine the amount of time a person can dedicate to a physical activity and can influence the type of sport a person involves themselves in.
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