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Dr. Ida Stephens Owens

No description

Alexess Bess

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Dr. Ida Stephens Owens

Personal Life Dr. Owens was born September 26, 1926 in Newark, New York. She is now a bio chemist and a genetic researcher. Dr. Owens is currently with the Section of Genetic Disorders of Drug Metabolism at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. she conducts/conducted studies in the genetics of detoxification enzymes. By: Alexess Bess The Life Of Dr. Ida Stephens Owens Important events occurring in society during her childhood and teenage years wwII (World war II) had started before she was even born.The US just being pulled out of the Great Depression. The holocaust was extended. The baby boom started. Early Education Dr. Stephens Owens graduated from North Carolina Central University summa cum laude. she was the first african american woman to earn a degree in biology and physiology. She was also the first woman to earn a PH.d from Duke university.
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