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Hoovervilles and Hobo Jungles

No description

Tristan Cardon

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Hoovervilles and Hobo Jungles

Camps also had prostitutes, due to the hard times and that was one of the prostitutes' only ways to make money.
Hoovervilles and Hobo Jungles
What is a Hooverville?
Hoovervilles were shanty towns built by homeless people and consisted of tents and shacks.
Hoovervilles in The US
Most people used public charities or begged for food . St.Louis in 1930 had the largest hoover ville in America.
Purpose of Hobo Jungles
Hobo Jungles were places for homeless people to find salvation for the low price of finding food or performing labor.
Requirements of Living in the "Jungle"
Some jungle birds which are people (usually old) that ran the jungle sent others that wished to live there for food of cleaning supplies.
Other birds required cleaning things or cleaning the jungle itself.
Jungles usually consisted of 100-150 people.
Some camps provided fire, food and a place to stay the night and wash up.
By Rhiannon and Tristan C.
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