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Our Pushcart Project

We put this Prezi together as a project for English class in the 7th grade. It is about a book entitled "The Pushcart War" by Jean Merrill. It is a book that takes place in New York City.


on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Our Pushcart Project

Our Pushcart Project Introduction This project is about the different views of people in NYC dealing with the traffic. While some people in the city like the traffic, others hate the traffic and would do anything to get rid of it. Point of View-City Worker I'm Miriam Portlette. I am against traffic in NYC. The reason is because I am a worker in the busy city and everyday is a struggle to get to work. The trucks believe and always have believed that they are in charge when it comes to the NYC streets. But the truth is that they are causing the problem on the streets of NYC. This is how I feel about the traffic in NYC.
I also have a view on the Pushcart War. I'm on the pushcarts side because the pushcarts have done nothing wrong when it comes to traffic.
Point of View-Truck Driver I am Joey Kafflis, and I am a former truck driver, I was fired for not liking traffic and standing up against my employer, Walter Sweet (a.k.a tiger). Very few truckers dislike traffic, the reason being it's their job, but I think if they had another job like a mail man, a construction worker, or any other average joe they would not like it either. If they had to wait for hours like the other cars and taxis they wouldn't be too happy.
My view on the pushcart war is that pushcarts are in the right. It takes about twenty pushcarts just to take the size of one Mighty Mammoth or Ten Ton Tiger or Leaping Lema. Point of View- Pushcart Peddler I'm a pushcart peddler. I am against the traffic. I work on Green Street every day and day after day work is getting harder because of the trucks. Because of the traffic, I have to get rid of most of my inventory. I have to do this because of the gas that the trucks like Mighty Mammoths give off. So I have to toss pretzels that i could've sold ( if they wern't tainted) to make money to support my family.
The war is hard, because when you are so small like a pushcart nobody listens. But we pushcart peddlers are doing nothing wrong it is the trucks who are causing all of the trouble. They are hitting us we are only doing business with our costomers. Those are my views on the war and the traffic in NYC
Point of View-Traffic Comissioner
I am the Traffic Comissioner. My name is Robert Alexander Wrightson. I am against traffic in the streets of NYC. My job is getting even harder now because I have to worry about the growing amount of cars on the streets. The trucks keep getting bigger and there are more of them, which creates more of a problem in NYC. If we just got rid, or reduced the number, of the Mighty Mammoths, Ten Ton Tigers, and Leaping Lemas, then the traffic would be a lot better Traffic Problems trucks are taking up too much room
there are too many trucks
the trucks can give off a lot of pollution
the pollution could taint the products of the pushcarts
trucks think they can do whatever they want so they vandalize things
Solutions to the Traffic & War Create a schedual for the trucks and pushcarts
get rid of some trucks
make trucks smaller
both #3 & 4 Summary Well, as you can see there are many opinions on the traffic. But we can proudly say that everyone alike agree's that the traffic is horrible and needs to be taken care of in NYC.
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