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"Second Cold War" (1979–85)

No description

Maja Peterson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of "Second Cold War" (1979–85)

"Second Cold War" (1979–85)
- Soviet invasion

- U.S involvement

- Internal conflicts and civil war
Reagan and Thatcher
- No to détente
- Economic and Military power

- Strong determination
- U.S and USSR signed treaty
- Falkland islands
- Destroyed Soviet's last hope

- The fall of communism

- Martial Law

- Solidarity movement
Polish Solidarity movement and martial law
Soviet Union:
- Declining growth rates
- Arms race
- Afghanistan

United States:
- After Afghanistan
- Tension between Soviet and the US
- Shot down Korean Airlines
Soviet and US military and economic issues
- Strategic location and presence of oil

- Invasion during World War 2

- Azerbaijan crisis

- 1953 coup

- US-Iran relationship
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