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Who Are We?

No description

Cindy Lemberg

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Who Are We?

The Model in Practice: Four Phases of Treatment
How can you refer a family to us?
Who Are We?
We are building something unique and special - a leading national provider of community-based services for at-risk youth and their families. At Pinnacle Family Services, our leadership team has more than 50 years of collective experience providing services for youth and families at risk. Our experienced staff and caring foster parents are dedicated to helping youth of all ages and their families lead healthy, stable lives.
Our Services
In North Carolina, we provide:
Intensive In-Home (using FCT model)
FCT Services (as stand-alone service in select MCOs)
In-Home Therapy Services (Cardinal only)
Therapeutic Foster Care
Specialized TFC (MH/DD
population - Cardinal only)
School Based Therapy (Gaston
County only)
Outpatient Therapy
Medication Management
In the Cardinal Innovations Area....
We provide Family Centered Treatment under the Intensive In-Home Service Definition
as well as
Family Centered Treatment under their alternative service definition for residential services

FCT is "an evidence based family preservation model of home based treatment owned by a private non-profit incorporated organization devoted to the preservation of families through research, training, and development" (Family Centered Treatment, 2011).
Most Evidence Based Practices (EBP's) are developed through research studies and in classrooms.
FCT has been developed by practitioners over the past 20 years. It's evolution has been driven 100% by the success and feedback of the families.
While FCT is comprehensive and designed to address the causes of family system breakdown, it is also a model of treatment that goes beyond behavioral change (Family Centered Treatment, 2011).
Evidenced Based Practice
FCT has been recognized as an Evidenced-Based Practice by:
The California Evidenced-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration's National Registry of Evidenced-based Programs and Practices
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Model Programs Guide
30 days
family gets to know their counselors
counselors learn about the patterns of interaction in the family
Family Life Cycle
Structured Family Assessment
60-90 days
counselors ask family members to try new things to change their destructive patterns of interaction
counselors help family members deal with past traumas
Emotional Blocks
FCT Sessions
Valuing Change
Valuing Change
30-60 days
family begins to shift their core values and internalize the changes they've made
counselors begin to reduce their involvement with the family to allow the family to practice new skills independently
Creating Ownership
Family Giving Back Project
2 weeks-30 days
staff link family with aftercare services
family plans for continuing on successfully without the help of their counselors
Plan for Difficult Times
Family Satisfaction Survey
Families move from one phase to the next based on when THEY SAY they're ready through Fidelity Measures they complete throughout treatment.
So What REALLY Makes us Different???
The Parallel Process - we demand from ourselves what we expect from our families
Weekly team meetings - LOTS of support for staff and opportunities to seek guidance from teammates and supervisors
We focus on the family as a system. Not the client as an individual.
TRAINING!!! All staff go through a 6 month certification process which includes being observed by trainers in the field!
"I was to the point that I did not think I could be a good mom or do anything on my own."
"...my worker pushed me just enough to help me understand myself."
"My FCS was there for me and helped me through the deep emotional issues that kept me from being able to do this myself."
"They also made sure my children developed their own coping skills and taught me ways I could help them."
"I am raising my children and I feel like a successful parent."
"The beauty is that they will meet your family where you are and they will support you, care about you, and challenge you to do things that will change your life and the lives of your family members."
Family Centered Treatment (2011). www.familycenteredtreatment.org.
Pinnacle Family Services (2015). www.pinnaclefamilyservices.org.
created by: Cindy Lemberg, 2015.
of families achieve their permanency goals
And it works!!!!!
of families make positive progress towards primary treatment goals
of families are engaged in treatment
For consumers in the Partners and Sandhills Areas...
Since August 1, 2015, Partners and Sandhills have implemented similar service definitions as an alternative to traditional IIH services specifically for Family Centered Treatment.
So what?
We offer a continuum of community-based services—including Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) and family preservation services—designed to help the children and families we serve build stronger foundations and brighter futures, no matter their background or barriers. Our programs are specifically designed to help youth with emotional, behavioral and medically complex challenges. We specialize in serving children who have experienced trauma, loss, abuse or neglect and develop personalized services to help them heal and move forward with their lives.

The Cardinal FCT Service Definition is written to provide an alternative to residential placement for children who may have not found success with traditional IIH programs.
These referrals must be made by a Cardinal Innovations Care Coordinator
Pinnacle is one of only two agencies providing this service to Cardinal consumers
The Service Definitions used by Partners and Sandhills are written with very broad entrance criteria
They allow us to work with any family if the identified client has a mental health diagnosis AND there are systemic, relational, or behavioral issues impacting the family functioning
BUT WHAT IS Family Centered Treatment??????
Office number: 704-375-6310
Fax number: 704-334-2178
Management Staff:
Shay Cunningham: Director of Program Operations, Behavioral Health
Hailey Lathom: Director of Program Operations, Foster Care
Delia Saint-Fleur: Office Manager
How can you refer a family to us?
Office number: 704-864-6573
Fax number: 704-864-9791
Management Staff:
Talia Stewart: Director of Program Operations, Behavioral Health
Leslie Miller: Office Manager
Gastonia Office
Charlotte Office
How can you refer a family to us?
Office number: 336-856-1140
Fax number: 336-856-1128
Management Staff:
Lisa Bracken: Director of Program Operations, Behavioral Health
Carla Morgan: Director of Program Operations, Foster Care
Maureen Schoonmaker: Office Manager
Sanya Stewart: Office Manager
Greensboro Office
How can you refer a family to us?
Office number: 336-397-1566
Fax number: 336-765-5097
Management Staff:
Chasidy Alston: Director of Program Operations, Behavioral Health
Taleisha Bowen: Director of Program Operations, Foster Care
Cindy Rhodes: Office Manager
Winston-Salem Office
Other Leadership Staff....
Scott Martin: CEO
Safi Martin: Executive Director, PFS West
Joanna Finer: Director of Training, PFS West
Cindy Lemberg: QA Director, PFS West
Martin Osteen: Marketing Director, PFS West
"All a kid needs is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them."
- Magic Johnson
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