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Atmosphere and Geosphere

No description

Colin Richardson

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Atmosphere and Geosphere

Atmosphere and Hydrosphere
The spheres that are interacting in this photo are the Atmosphere and the Hydrosphere. They Hydrosphere is involved because water vapor in the air meets and it forms a tornado. The Atmosphere is involved because the energy from the sun heats up the ocean and clouds form. Once the cloud has formed it moves by the wind. A cold front and a warm front hits each other and then forms a tornado. Energy and matter are both transferred between both spheres. Water evaporated into the atmosphere by the suns rays and it forms clouds. The clouds can either form into tornadoes if
it meets a cold front,
or it could fall back
down to earth as rain.
Geosphere and Atmosphere
These two spheres interact with each other because the Geosphere has volcanoes on it and when a volcano erupts, it releases mass amounts of ash and dust into the air. This can block out light majorly effect the Geosphere by killing the grass and flooding because the water will not be able to evaporate. Matter is transferred to the Atmosphere by volcanic eruptions. Ash is shot into the air by volcanic eruptions and this damages the air quality and makes the land darker and gloomy.
Geosphere and Hydrosphere
This picture represents a Geosphere, Hydrosphere interaction because the water from the Hydrosphere cuts through the mountain for thousands of years eventually form one of natures phenoms, the canyon. matter and energy are both transferred in this picture because the water is picking rocks and sand up and moving them to a different location .
Cryosphere and Geosphere
The Cryosphere and the Geosphere interact with each other because the rays from the sun come down and melt the ice and evaporate into the air. Places that usually get little rain get a lot and places that usually get lots of rain, will get little rain. This will cause floods and droughts. This will effect us because we will have a food shortage if this continues. Matter and energy are both transferred between spheres a lot because water is transferred to the Geosphere by melted snow and then turned into rain and then could possibly flood the Geoshpere.
Biosphere and Atmosphere
The Biosphere and Atmosphere interact with each other because the atmosphere has things like carbon dioxide that plants need to survive. On the flip side plants release oxygen, which makes up 20% of airs gases. The sun gives the plants energy to break down carbon dioxide into oxygen for the atmosphere. The matter
that is being transferred into
different forms of gasses by
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