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Facebook and Real Estate 3

No description

Theresa M. Foy

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Facebook and Real Estate 3

Theresa M. Foy
Facebook and Real Estate
how does it work?
tour of site
how do I connect with my audience?
utilize your marketing plan and ask:
what kind of agent am I? who do I sell to?
advanced techniques
optimize your profile for graph search
what do I do from here?
with 15 minutes a day
what is facebook?
1.1 billion active users
integrate both real life and real estate content
of US adults)
(and 1 of 2 internet users worldwide)
we spend an average of 21 minutes on Facebook every day
(which adds up to
10.5 billion minutes
20,000 years
. every day)
(and is nearly double the time per month spent on google)
we share 684,478 pieces of content each minute
(averaging 3.2 billion likes and comments per day)
the most popular site to share purchases socially
1 of every 5 internet clicks is on Facebook
the size of the entire 2004 internet
the most powerful
social network

what's the difference between a personal page and a business page?
new feature: pages feed
how does facebook decide what I see?
why do I see pages I don't like in my news feed?
first-time buyers
new to WI
senior citizens
vacation homes
who are you trying to reach?
post, comment, & share with them in mind!
how often should I post?
no more than 7x/week
in an 80:20 ratio
your own content (original thoughts, pictures, questions, etc.)
content from other sources (pictures, news links, videos, articles, etc.)
what is graph search?
the alternative to a business page: followers
facebook interest lists
targeting clients past, present and future
create a friends list
custom facebook url
if you are not on facebook
set up your personal profile
fill out all of your information and upload a picture
find your current friends, family, coworkers, etc. on facebook and friend them
post a few updates over the first week to continue rounding out your profile
latest vacation pictures
add to your timeline
interact with others - show that you're excited to connect online
call if you need help
if you already use facebook
go back through the last 6 weeks of post and evaluate the results
for 1 week, come up with a rough posting schedule
challenge yourself to interact more on other pages than your own
connect with a local business that you love (and post something about them)
create a friends list for clients
try one advanced technique we discussed today
skim your newsfeed
like 2 posts
comment on 1 post
once in the morning,
once after lunch
plan of action
262.827.4111 x261

graph search: my followers
scroll to the bottom to apply for graph search
the future of facebook search: graph search
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