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No description

Natasha McKnight

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Listening

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
By Valery Prudencio,Natasha McKnight,Danielly Carranza
I like this song!
Your not listening!
It has been said that we remember :

20 percent of what we hear (passive)

30 percent of what we see & hear (passive)

Different ways to listen:

Informative, Discriminative, Appreciative, Critical, and Comprehensive listening.

Informative Listening- primary concern is to understand the message

Discriminative listening- sensitive to the speakers changes in volume and body
Appreciative listening- enjoying what one listens
Critical listening- respond
to the message
Therapeutic listening - listener's role
is to be a sympathetic listener without much verbal response
Listening can support your friends
Ways to be a good listener ......... 1.Face the speaker
2.Maintain eye contact
3.Minimize external distractions


What should I say?
4. Respond appropriately
5.Focus on what the speaker is saying
That is interesting
I wonder how my hair looks
I should focus on what their saying
6.Minimize internal distractions
7.Keep a open mind
Wow !
Oh, are you
okay ?
Be a better listener- be quiet, show sympathy
Everyone can be
happy if we just
listen !





I like this song
Listening is important.
It allows people to make sense of and understand what others are saying.
Hearing vs. Listening

Hearing is the act of perceiving sound by ear.

Listening is something you choose to do. Listening requires concentration, so that your brain process meaning from words.
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