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Experiences at Live Concerts: A Qualitative Analysis

No description

Daisy Leach

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Experiences at Live Concerts: A Qualitative Analysis

Conclude what the lived experience at a live concert is like and how it is described.
This includes:
The emotional and physical relationship someone has to the bands and their music and how it affects him.
The emotional and physical relationship someone has to the concert he attended.
Qualitative Analysis
1. Once a research question is established- conducting interviews can take place.
2. After these interviews- they can be transcribed and the analysis process can begin
3. Read, re-read, take notes on patterns, emergent themes- preliminary interpretation, memos,
4. Group and condense list of themes into most important themes, sub-themes, memos
5. Describe themes (generally)
6. Applying themes to transcripts through coding
7. Theme extraction- pulling out examples from text and putting them into separate documents per theme and re-analyzing them
8. Revisit original research question- look at what themes can benefit you to answer your question.
9. Explore how themes relate to one another and how they relate to your question
10. Describe themes using examples from transcript
Personal interpretation of themes along with concrete extractions from transcripts for support

My Process
I conducted three interviews- one of which I could not transcribe
The two interviews that I gathered- I transcribed. They helped me understand more about a person's lived experience at a concert.
The person I interviewed gave me a lot of insight about living with a passion for music
Emergent Themes
Part 1
Extreme emotions- crying, happiness, anxiety, excitement, speechlessness
Grateful Dead and power to emotionally move him emotionally.
Vast knowledge of past shows and its effect on him.
Warren Haynes
Appreciation for live music, stage sets, musicians etc.
Organizing Themes
1. The experience of live music
immersion in the music
emotional responses to the music
2. The surroundings at the concert
emotional responses to the surroundings
concern with other people's experience
3. The experience of learning about the musicians individually and as a band.
learning the history of the band and its members
referencing previous shows
incorporating lyrics from the music into regular conversation
Experiences at live concerts: a Phenomenological study
Describing Themes
Not using a coding software could have effected my results and made them not as accurate, but I managed to go through my interviews and code on my own using Microsoft Word and highlighter. By doing so, I was able to pull out specific quotations that applied to my theme categories. This helped me to have a resource to refer to when trying to describe them in a write up.
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