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Athletic shorts


Tyler kraft

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of Athletic shorts

Athletic Shorts Jarrett and Tyler's outline Reasons why Athletic Shorts is banned: -Athletic shorts is banned because there is talk about AIDS there is a lot of bullying. They also use the ratial words such as: N*****, s***, and b***** (Harold).
-This is one of the passages in the book: "I wish Hawk wouldn't of saved me from those china kids because it confuses me. When a n****r goes saving you from chinamen, it throws you off because everyone knows n****r's are the worst." (Crutcher pg. 142)
Chris Crutcher A brief moment in the life of Angus Bethune This is the first of six short stories in this book. It is about how Angus is a fat teenager that wants to get the girl of his dreams Melissa. Angus has two sets of gay parents, he lives with his two dads and doesnt see his two moms that much. The pin The pin is the second of six short stories in the book. The main charecter Kevin and his dad dont get along very well at all, they fight all the time. Kevins dad was a all-state wrestler and expects his son to be the best in the state. In the end of this story Kevin wrestles his dad infront of his school to try to prove he is better than his dad. The other pin This is the third short story of this book. In this story a kid named Peter, he is a JV wrestler. He wants to get on varsity and there is a huge match coming up against the best wrestler in the state, Chris Byers. No one wants to wrestle Chris and the coach needs a kid to volunteer to wrestle Chris but no one wants to. Peters friend hit him and Peter yelled so the coach picked him to wrestle Chris Byers. This is Peters chance to get on varsity. Kelly Herold home page
Banned book week review: Athletic shorts
October 2nd, 2006 Goin Fishin This is the fourth short story of this book. In this story a kid named lionel and Neal are bestfriends. One day Neal and his friends got drunk, he took a boat out and Lion and his family where out on the water. Since Neal was drunk and driving he accedently hit Lion's boat and killed his family. Telephone man This story was about a kid named Jack who's dad taught him to be a racist against everyone except white people. He hates all people but white people and thinks everyone else knows nothing, but he thinks black people are the worst. At the end of the story a chinnese gang tries to beat Jack up and a black kid saves him from the gang, then Jack doesnt think black people are so bad and realizes they arent so bad. This book should be banned because of
all the sware words and racial words used in
it. And they talk about gay people a lot and there is
a bunch of sex in the book most about gay guys.
If the story the telephone man wasnt in this book then
i don't think it should be banned because kids already
know about gay people and all the other stuff in the other
books and its not in appropriate to read. In the time i get This is the last story of the book, this one is about a kid named Louie and his friend derrik. Derrik has AIDS and is going to die soon. He got AIDS by having anal intercourse with another guy. Works cited:
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