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Designed to give high school students a basic overview of printmaking before beginning styrofoam and linoleum prints.

LaDawna Dillman

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Printmaking

Relief Printmaking
Intaglio Printmaking
Screen Printmaking
Printmaking Vocabulary
The process of transferring an inked image to a surface, permits multiple images to be made.
Relief Printmaking
This is printmaking from a raised surface.
Intaglio Printmaking
Prints that are made by etching the picture into the surface of the printing plate.
screen printing
A stencil is used and ink is pushed through the cuts.
The printing of a flat surface.
the artist who produces the prints
a series of prints that are exactly alike
Surface used in the creation of an image for printmaking.
Mirror Image
Mirror Image
a completed print will be the OPPOSITE of your plate!
Artemio Rodriguez
the action of creating a print.
Artemio was born in Tacambra, Mexico in 1972. In He began studying anotomy at the Universidad Autonom Chapingo where he learned printmaking.
Rodriguez works primarily in black and white.
Kathe Kollwitz
His goal in lfe is to keep exploring the world of printmaking until he has contributed something to the medium.
He has been featured in many galleries in the US and Mexico and founded La Mano Press.
Your assignments
Was born in 1867 in East Prussia
In 1881 she married Dr. Karl Kollwitz
In 1914 her son Peter was killed in WWI
In 1940 her husband died.
In 1942, her grandson, Peter, was killed in WWII
In 1943 her home was destroyed by bombings.
She died April 22, 1945-she wrote "War accompanies me to the end."
It was two weeks before the end of WWII.
used to either apply ink to a plate or used to press paper to the plate in the final printing process.
Linoleum "Lino" Cutter
tool used to carve linoleum, very sharp.
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