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Moore's Law to Managing Infrastructure

UMass - Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Moore's Law to Managing Infrastructure

Moore's Law and More
Dr. Ryan T. Wright
Business Info Systems
Infrastructure is.......
Interconnection of basic facilities and services:
The Dalles, OR..... WHY?
- Fiber-optic network connectivity
- Access to water for cooling needs
- Cheap, uninterrupted power from a nearby hydroelectric dam
Moore's Law
1970s by Dr. Gordon Moore (Intel)
Hypothesized that processing performance
would double every eigthteen months
- Reduction of size
- 20 Microns in 1960
- .032 Microns Today
What has this meant?
Software as a Service
1 - Enables businesses to run software with little or no hardware

2 - Moves the "brains" of the software to the server farms

3 - Might create latency
Software as a Service
1 . Dealing with fluctuating computing needs

2 . Available resources allocated based on user needs

3 . Utility computing
a. Rented from external provider
b . Paid on as-needed basis
c. Storage service provider

4 . Scalability
Grid Computing
Software that combines computing power of a large number of smaller, independent, networked computers
a. Tasks broken down to smaller chunks
b. Berkeley Open Infrastructure
Basic Terms Infrastructure
Distributed Computing Projects
Supercomputers are...
The world's fastest computers
This Week in Tech
Open House Meeting
Today at 5:45pm
Room: 112
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