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PALC - Graduate Recruitment

No description

David Spivey

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of PALC - Graduate Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment
Recruitment Plans with Departments
Program to Prospect Communication Cycles
Workshop Series for Undergrads and Grads
Campus Visits
Graduate Fairs
Email and Phone Call Prospect Campaigns
What do we do?
Each semester - Send recruitment meeting emails to departments

Meet to determine application and enrollment goals

Provide ideas and measures to increase application to enrollment pools

Provide support to programs who wish to enact recruitment strategies

Graduate College is a resource

Partnership for recruitment is key
Recruitment Plans
Provide structured communication cycle for prospect students

Communications are built with department input

36 sets of program emails

1 set of emails from Graduate College
Program Communication Cycles
Undergraduate *
Workshop Series
Applying and Getting into Graduate School
Process, Resources, Tips for Success
Personal Statement
Scholarship and Fellowship Applications
Minority Students
GRE Strategy Sessions (phased out**)
*Graduate interest is taken and entered into communication cycle
Created Campus Visits 2010-2011
Campus Visits
Online Campus Visits Started May 2012

Arizona State University
University of Arizona
Northern Arizona University

California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education
National Conference for Undergraduate Research

Graduate Fairs
Phone Call and Email Campaigns
Prospective Students who have not applied
Incomplete applications
Applicants awaiting decision
Newly admitted students
Enrollment pushes
Current graduate students are hired to help with phone campaigns.
It was a good presentation and had a lot of good information in it. I, and many other I am sure, appreciate any help I can get battling my way through this process without the guidance of some one who has done this before.

It was also refreshing talking to a person. I get so tired of endless web pages. I will make sure to talk with some people within the department.
Jake Marshall ATC
"I just wanted to let you know we got 50 applications this year. That is almost twice as many as last year. Thank you so much for the help. We are now in a position to be very selective about our students! We are going to have a very good class."
Dr. Luis Fernandez, Sustainable Communities
"I have been meaning to tell you that I am so pleased with how our application numbers and the quality of our applicants has increased. This was a great group we reviewed recently. I credit you and your staff for helping to make this happen. Thanks!
Dr. Kathy Bohan, Educational Psychology
Thanks again for everything! I love NAU! :)
Mara Pfeffer
Thank you so much for the information. It did help answer some questions I had about the program and process of applying. I look forward to the future that will hopefully include NAU.
Cathy Stewart
I attended your NAU Virtual Graduate Campus Visit last month. It really helped me to get a grasp on this whole admissions process.
Thank you for helping me become even more confident in my decision to pursue NAU!
Very Best,
Marisa Esquivel
Thank you very much for answering my questions so concisely. It has been a tremendous help and I truly appreciate the level of attention given to my inquiries about graduate education at NAU.
Roy Miller
Thank you so much for setting up the visit to the graduate school November 18. Your presentation was extremely informative and it assured me that NAU is where I would like to pursue my master's in school psychology.
The tour around campus was wonderful, and being able to meet with a faculty member of the department was great. This is the only graduate school I have looked into that has offered an experience as personal and educational as this one. The trip out here from New York was definitely worthwhile!
Again, thank you so much for this experience and I hope to speak with you again in the near future.
Grace Scheible
"One of the people I spoke with off the GRE list during the phone campaign just applied to the program! She even mentioned our conversation in her statement of intent. She looks like a strong applicant, too."
Hilary McDonald, Sociology
Thank you for completing the phone calls/voicemails. Now it will be fun seeing how the pool aligns with our advising and financial aid resources. Your approach and drive this application season has been a great boost. Thank you, and looking forward to working with you more.
Mark Aasmundstad, SESES
** GRE and GMAT offered through Student Learning Centers
David Spivey
Associate Director
Graduate College
Meet with Graduate College Rep
Tour of Campus with a current Graduate Student
Meet with Faculty in their area for questions
Student Testimonials
Student Testimonials
Accelerated Programs
Finish bachelors and masters in as little as 5 years
Next Steps:
Send out Emails for Recruitment Meetings
Look at trend data
Determine application and enrollment goals
Execute plans
Graduate Recruitment:

I. Understand the resources and support available to support recruitment

II. Understand strategic planning purposes and importance
Weekly phone calls to students who request information

Every student counts...cumulative effect = great overall enrollment!
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