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Time Management, Communication,and Team Work

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Mahmoud Elkayal

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Time Management, Communication,and Team Work

Time Management, Communication,and Team Work
Time management, communication and team work are all related in how efficient a group can be and how well the objective gets accomplished.
Groups that are efficient have all three qualities but if anyone is lacking even one, it can create a weak spot in the group.

Time Management Continued...
Communication is a vital aspect of any cooperative or team-based effort or venture.

Proper communication between group, organization, or team members facilitates the process of accomplishing a goal or objective, and prevents any unnecessary stress or panic due to improper or a lack of communication.

Communication also allows for members of a group to recognize, analyze, and build upon each member's strengths and weaknesses.
As you can see, in the presentation, not one quality can climb the mountain on its own. They fall short every single time. The only time they made it to the top is when they are unified and are working together to complete the climb.
Thank you!
Communication (Cont.)
is a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause. (dictionary.com)
When there is teamwork involved, it is much easier to get things accomplished because where one person can't do something, two most likely can.
Teamwork continued
It is better to work in a group of people because different minds and skills will bring out more effective solutions to the problems at hand.
Time Management
1. Be Organized
-Make a to-do list
2. Plan Ahead
-Make a schedule
-determine how long each task will take
3. Prioritize your tasks
-Create a rating system on the to-do list from the highest to lowest priority.
4. Avoid Overload
- Include time for exercise and socializing in the schedule
-Don't do everything in the last minute
5. Be Flexible with the Schedule
- Arrange extra time between classes in your schedule for interruptions.
The goal of time management is to be able to have control over your life and to make better decisions.
Importance of time management
* Time management allows an individual to effectively complete a task
* Time management allows individuals to have more times for other things other than work
* Time management makes a group more efficient in the sense that there is more time to work on other things.
* Time management makes companies save money.

Consequences of not managing time effectively
* Not managing time effectively leads to procrastination and that leads to inefficiency.
It can also lead to not getting work done or a you get the work done but with a weak effort and poor outcome.

Proper communication also improves morale and boosts synergy within a group, allowing it to function properly and with significantly better results than a group without a clear channel.

Proper communication also ties into time management in that it can help save time by preventing the introduction of unnecessary obstacles, and mitigates the chances of a mistake that may cause a setback being made.

As mentioned before, proper communication significantly bolsters group efficiency and allows all members to perform to the best of their abilities, both individually and as a whole.
-Communicate to explain certain ideas

-We interact with one another and build intimacy

-Through commincation, helpful advice can be given

Also, the added number of people can help encourage each other along to not let others drag behind. Someone is more likely to quit if they are alone, than having the added support.

Peace of Mind
-Talking out troubled feelings

-Informing someone of something they should be aware of
flash mob
A team is like a bridge
If everyone does their job success will run over the rough waters
If one beam fails under pressure the whole bridge goes down as a whole
Luckily everyone in group #1 can swim..
We tasted the rough waters but redeemed ourselves with the communication it took to create this prezi

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