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Cole Misley

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of coleworld

Bless Me Ultima is like . . . A Playground Slide Swings Monkey Bars Water Fountain Seesaw Ultima is like the water fountain on a playground because she is able to cure any sickness. On Page 103 Ultima is able to use her magic to save Uncle Lucas when God could not save him. Ultima is a cuarandera and has her own way with healing that works. On Page 233 Ultima is able to rid the curse that has been set on Tellez's home. Children drink water from water fountains when they are tired and use water to clean themselves when they get hurt. Ultima is able to cure people like the water fountain cures kids. Cico is like the slide on a playground because he guides Antonio to the golden carp opening Antonio to a new god. On Page 114 Antonio compares the golden carp to the Virgin or God himself then he talks about the miraculous thing (the golden carp) he has encountered. By going to see the golden carp Antonio is opening himself up to other gods and different religions. Cico talks to Antonio about his god, the golden carp on Page 118. Children use the slide which guides them to ground. Cico guides Antonio which allows him to see the ways of other gods therefore he resembles a slide. Antonio is like the swings on a playground because he attempting to balance out two different cultures. He is stuck swinging between the two cultures of Marez and Luna, and his school culture and home culture. On Page 25 Antonio has a dream where his father is telling him to be a man of the llano for the Marez and his brothers are telling him he is a Luna and must be a farmer-priest for his mother. Antonio needs to decide which culture he wants to take on in his life or he must be apart of both cultures equally. On Page 76 Antonio is told that he will be going into the 3rd grade. Antonio is able to balance his home life and school life. He speaks English at school as well as interacts with people of different culture and at home he must speak Spanish with his Hispanic family. Children swing up and down on swings but in order to stop they must balance out evenly. Antonio is swinging between the Marez and Luna cultures and his home life and school life, he must balance these things out.
Florence is like the monkey bars on the playground because he is barely hanging on to his life throughout the book. Florence lives a hard life with both of his parents dead and his siser being prostitutes. On Page 199 while Florence is asking where God is Bones makes a joke about him being at Rosie's, the whorehouse where Florence's sisters work. On Page 239 Florence dives into the deep part of the water and drowns, this is like him falling off of the monkey bars. Children hold onto the monkey bars as long as they can. Florence was holding onto the monkey bars but he let go giving up his hard life. Tenorio and Narciso are like the seesaw on the playground because they go back and forth against each other, each one trying to defeat the other. On Page 131 Narciso defends Ultima against Tenorio's mob. Tenorio and Narciso are rivals both trying to kill the other. On Page 188 Tenorio finally wins the battle by shooting Narciso outside of Rosie's. Children play on seesaws battling to bounce the other off. Tenorio and Narciso battle each other and Tenorio comes out victorious, he won and bounced Narciso off of the seesaw.
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