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What is an online reputation and why is it important?

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shuvani choudhury

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of What is an online reputation and why is it important?

Online reputations! what is an online reputation? The idea people get of you from your online activites Most often made on blogs
and social networks such as
facebook , twitter etc. what's The importance of an online reputation? An online reputation is very important
because it can effect major things such
as the type of or how many friends
you make. Or, if you are a little older, it could affect things such as your college, your job etc. Examples of good outcome of good reputations One example of a good outcome
is ebay, in ebay if you have a good
reputation, you get 7.6% added to
the origanal price you recieved If you have an online company,
if you have a good reputation
obviously you'll get more
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