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No description

Jefferson Middle

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of characters

Jamie- funny and intelligent
cool girl- nice caring
Jamie's freineds- respectful
Jamie's brother-mean evil
Jamie's step mom and dad- not simling
Jamie's real mom and dad and sister all died in a car cash dy a big track that jake nife and hit the car.
Jamie is the only one that survived the car crashed.
I funny.
by: Joseph Greve.
Jamie likes to do jokes.
Jamie live in smillyville noboby smills.
peopl in smillyville bon't smille.
Unle frenke helps Jamie out.
to: Dale earnhardt sir
Let's go dale JR
moment of silints pleas
Jamie got adopdit from mr and miss smilly.
Jamie gose over to uncle frank's rester rount to tell his jokes to the caster meres.
jamie love's the cool girl and won 1st plaes.
I hope you like my prezi i will mack more prezi bye have a nice day and night the book is ok dut read it
Dut befor you go lets all say" let's go dale JR".
Frenke helps jamie with his joke's and tasted them on costermers.
jamie like lafe and have fun.
Jamie is paralis that mean can't walk.
what is the theme of the story: Jamie wants to be a normol porson
what message does the auther lean : to not bully peopl that are defrint
why did the auther want us to lean: to not bully others
How is the problem solved: Jamie is frinds with his brother
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