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Strictly Business Fitness

No description

Leon Walker

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Strictly Business Fitness

Strictly Business Fitness
Why Strictly Business Fitness
A trainer should choose Strictly Business Fitness because it would give them a place to train 7 days a week, with state of the art equipment, and they would be surrounded by like minded individuals with the same goals in mind.
Where's the benefit?
If you're not an employee of LA Fitness, then you cannot train at their gym! If you attempt to train at their gym without their permission then you could be banned for life! Strictly Business Fitness also eliminates a start up fee, and a monthly fee for their client! In total the client would only come out of the pocket $35 per session.
What is this?
Strictly Business Fitness is a gym that will target trainers that are 18 years of age or older with a High School education/GED equivalent or higher and three years plus of training experience. I would also want the trainer to have at minimum 10 clients, with three letters of recommendation from current clients as to why or what makes them a good trainer. We would charge the trainer $500 per month to use Strictly Business Fitness as a training facility.
For a normal gym like LA Fitness each customer has a sign up fee for $250. After that the customer has a monthly fee for $35 per month. If the customer decides to have a personal trainer, then each session with the PT amounts between $35-$50
In the first month!

If the customer where to have a personal trainer for 4 sessions in their first month their total would be $425!
Vacant Lot @ 3350 Chamblee Tucker Road, Atlanta, GA 30341 = $341,246
Equipment for facility= $300,000
Minimum of 100 trainers at facility =$50,000 per month = $600,000/yr
Profits after 18 months of operation
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