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Daily Life During the Middle Ages

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Sarah Stark

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life During the Middle Ages

Daily Life During the Middle Ages
Schooling in the Middle Ages
-Very few people attended school.
-Some children learned a craft through apprenticeship and the guild system.
-Wealthy children often learned through tutors.
-Some students would learn to read and write Latin at schools run by the church.
-The first universities also began during the Middle ages.
Work Cited
- Ducksters.com
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Interesting Facts about Daily Life in the Middle Ages
-The bread eaten by people of the Middle ages was gritty from the millstones used to grind the grain. This caused the people's teeth to wear down quickly
-Most people drank ale or wine, the water was bad, it would make them sick.
-Marriages were often arranged, especially for nobles. Noble girls often married at twelve years old and boys at fourteen.
-Medicine was very primitive at the time. Sometimes doctors would "bleed" people by putting leeches on their skin.
Life in the Country
Life in the City
-Most people living during the Middle Ages lived in the country and worked as farmers.
-Peasants worked for Lords who owned land, and would grow and harvest crops.
-Cities were very crowded.
-Most people were craftsmen, and young boys would serve as apprentices for seven years learning a craft.
-Other jobs in the city included merchants, servants, bakers, doctors, and lawyers.
Homes in the Middle Ages
-Most people lived in small one or two room homes, they were crowded, and usually everyone slept in the same room.
-In the country the family animals such as a cow, may also live inside the home.
-Home was usually dark, smoky from the fire, and uncomfortable.
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