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Brain Technology

By Ellen Wickers

Ellen Wickers

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Brain Technology

By Ellen Wickers Brain Technology Dream Technology Mind control Brain Power Having brain control headsets for gamers. Being able to interact in the virtual world using your thoughts and emotions. This picks up electricity from your brain and sends wireless signal to your computer. We Can also use our brain power to pick up everyday objects like a laptop or a TV. This can be used to help the disabled and people who are paralyzed. They can just pick up simple things using robotic arms as well as the mind. this can help them in a simple way so even later on they will be able to do more and more themselves. Computers help to interfere deep inside your minds so that you can watch your dreams from the night before during the next day and see what goes on. This technology wont be ready to buy yet but will hopefully be able to get soon. Most people remember vivid bits of the dreams that we have. Dreams are actually images, sensations and emotions inside your mind. Scientists have been doing tests and finding out how to have a good dream using a device called novadreamer. Using mind control technology and using it inside soldiers from getting brain damage if you get injured in the head. Having monkeys being able to control devices just like a human. Scientists have implanted electrons into their brains which they are controlling. when this device is tested we could use it on all kinds of different animals. can also help to save lots of peoples lives as it can stop you helmets this can help reduce stress and boost alertness. It
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