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Happy Birthday Mohammed

This is from all of us <3

Alexa Marshall

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Mohammed

Did you know? Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show
that the people who have the most live the longest. We That loved
you then... Happy 18th Birthday! Friends
"There is not any such thing as a good friend or bad friend.
Maybe there are just friends.
People who stand by you when you're hurt and who help you feel not so lonely.
Maybe they're worth being scared for and
hoped for and lived for.
Maybe they're worth dying for too.
If that's what has to be!
There are NO bad friends.
Only people you want -
Need to be with.
People who build their houses in your heart.” ARE And so much more now. ~ Stephen King The Friends. . . Monica Lolu!

Even though you're mad

confrontational I think u are a

great guy and fun to be around

and u deserve a very happy

18th birthday! So HAPPY

BIRTHDAY ~ Andre Somewhat of a surprising "alliance", I'm really glad I've gotten closer to you over the last two years. I can't help but remember the times in Bodzin's when we were able to joke around and laugh, and yet have some serious conversations about each others problems and lives. I feel like you are one of the few people I can easily connect with, and I'm glad we continue our share of laughs in Ree's class. you're a hell of a guy, and I wish you nothing but the best. Asalamalakyum. I
T-pain Winnie Thanks for being silly. thanks for making me smile. thanks for dealing with me, no matter how stubborn or crazy I can be. thanks for being there for me when i needed a person to talk to. and just thank you. (: you're a wonderful 'loser' for a president and i totally do not like you.
happy birthday mohammed! best wishes for your eighteenth! (: Adrian Happy Birthday Virginia

You are finally 18, a real super sand legend. You're going to be going off to college soon and bagging all dem college girlies and it's gonna be awesome. This marks the beginning of the rest of your life man. But enough about the future, I want to thank you for being a part of my life thus far. It's weird how we've known each other for like six years but we didnt really get to know each other until like 1-2 years ago XD (you were in SHSI right?). But just in these past two years you became a close friend; whether you're choking me out, getting food with before a NSBE meeting, or we're threatening each other I always have fun around you. You can bet years from now when I'm successful and you're broke I'll lend you like 5 dollars or something. But for now let's enjoy the times we have left.
Happy Birthday Moh happy birthday, moh! best wishes for this

year. stay true to yourself and keep an

open mind. most of all, remember to have

fun; you'll only be eighteen once! Alexis From the Bro,
Shaquille Yoooo Mo Ham n' Cheese (remember that LOL)
You da bro, honestly, and it's crazy to think that we've been technically
rolling together for almost 12 years now. It's been a fun 12 years, and - particularly
in middle school- we've gotten to see each other honestly grow into Real
time Gangstuz, Doin it big man! but for the sake of honesty, I'll say this.
I love you man, and I'm glad that we've been able to share
these past years together. It's gonna be a weird experience not seeing
you all the time and chilling together when we bothe go off ot god knows
where, but I'm happy to say that it won't be goodbye, it'll be see you later,
catch you on the flipside. Stay chill man, and Keep doin' what you're doin.
It's good stuff.
PS...Happy birthday!!!! From:
Jacob You are finally reading my message for you this birthday. You
finally came across the most important of all of the messages lol.
I wanna wish you the happiest of Happy Birthday's on your
birthday! I'm really happy to be your friend and I really hope you
enjoy it. We got a lot to look back these past couple of years
and I hope you, as well as I, will cherish the memories that we
have created. Thanks for adding to the smile that I make
everyday. I can't pop out of the cake like you wanted me to.

Oh well Happy Birthday XD ! Keith Dear Med, Happy Birthday!

I hope that you've enjoyed these past 18 years and
that you keep the memories you've made close to heart,
especially your high school years. I can say that having
you as a friend is an interesting experience, due to your
unique character that I actually don't think I'll find in anyone
else. I love your sense of humor and the fact that
your always willing to express yourself, never holding anything
back (very entertaining). Keep that personality all through
out and never change! I know that you'll continue to
have an impact on.

I love you Med and happy birthday! I am happy with my product.

And I love you .

Your bestest,
Em del Carmen N
h Dear Mr. Baggins,
I <5 you. Swag swag, swagitty swag swag. You're the best. No homo, but I love you. TIL THE END OF TIME.

- Carl S

Happy Birthday bro!!! I hope you live it up and enjoy your last birthday here in good ol' BTHS haha. I've always enjoyed your company, and although you prefer to reserve your words for the choicest moments, they always hold weight. Good luck in college man, and you better keep in touch! Dear Mohammed, Dear Mohammed, You have been a great friend, Mohammed. I honestly can’t wonder what my days would be like without encountering you. No matter what situation, I always know I can have a laugh with you. Even so, I like that we’ve gotten close this year. Going through days we’ve spent hanging out or talking, I like that I have someone I can call a close friend and even better that it’s you. I don’t want to get all mushy here, but thank you for being there and thanks for being the person that you are. With that said, as my last message to you, I would gladly like to offer my assistance on your journey from the Shire to Mordor, Mr. MohMoh Baggins. May God bring us protection on our journey.

Love you long time,
Andrew Amber

Happy 18!! I'm so happy to have met you for these 2 years. It's so fun working with you and everything. It makes me smile everytime we fist pump each other during 8th period. It's weird and I forget but it's become a tradition. You're a great partner in crime to work with and I love your guts. You're a great leader (honestly) and an amazing person! Thank you for being an awesome individual and friend. I wish you the best of luck and today on your 18th birthday, I wish you the greatest memories spent with your friends a family because you deserve no less. Keep being awesome and one day maybe you can be as awesome as me (haha..jk) Dear Mohammed, Happy birthday!!! So it's your special day once again, Mohammed! On the day you were born, you

entered this plane of existence with 17 million other babies (unless Wikipedia lied

about this statistic). Yet of those 17 million other human beings, you're the sole

individual that I have the pleasure of calling friend. We've shared some interesting

moments during the course of these 4 years, with our ups and downs. I've seen

you grow along with the rest of us, and have seen the positive impact you've made

on everyone's life. I'm not very good with this emotional stuff, so I just want to

take the time to wish you a happy birthday, and hope you live life to its fullest. Youseff You are the biggest creep I know, but the most awesome one.

I am honestly glad that we have the friendship that we do, and although,

I do not condone your creeper behavior (especially with the asians) I accept it,

because it's part of you. I always enjoy chilling with you, and my day

always brightens when I talk to you. So yeah, I wish you have a

wonderful birthday! And a shitload more to come! M
a Dear Non-Factor,

Erm, Mohammed... Happy birthday!!! So youre 18 now, huh? Well I hope this new, legal chapter of your life brings you nothing but joy. Just for today you can have your status moved back to "Factor."

Haha. Happy birthday again!

- Stephanie No matter what we may call you... MOH Mola lolu Mack Med Moh Ham
and Cheese We'll ALWAYS call you friend... SO... Mohammed! Hey Moh-ham-ham,
Remember when we first met in AP Chem? I was so innocent and you were so crazy (which really explains why I am the way I am now!) Anyways, we used to sing "Turn My Swag On" and "Falsetto" for the whole two periods (which is probably why I learned nothing!) and I would always torture you by singing "Dynamite"! Well those days are memories now...Now you're Mr President and don't have time for me (well except when your stalk me from Monday through Friday...I SEE YOU!) Now you're 18 like me(I don't feel as old anymore). We're going to be going off to college soon and unless you follow me to college(which I know you really want to do) we won't be seeing each other. Just know that I am your friend where ever you go . I'll always have your back, your front, your side, and your friendship. I love you because you always have a smile for me(it better be just for me, yo!) and we always have something great to argue about (I say "yes", you say "no", I say "Jesus", you say "Allah" and so on...) I know how much the last card meant to you so hopefully you like this one(it's really fancy!) Stay awesome and don't forget that I am...so much more awesome than you! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mo-sho-ham-ola! ~ Alexa-So-Sasha-Fierce I Love This Picture, btw...
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