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The French Revolution


jessica b

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of The French Revolution

Timeline Pre-1789 Louis XIV spent over $100 million to build the Versailles Palace A series of social and political tensions build within France, before being unleashed by a financial crisis in the 1780's May 5, 1789 Louis XVI called Estates- General to a meeting in Versailles to approve a tax plan June 17, 1785 The Third Estate declared themselves the National Assembly & made the Tennis Court Oath. July 14, 1789 Parisians storm the Bastille August 1789 The National Assembly proclaimed the end of feudalism & serfdom in France.

The National Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man
October 5, 1789 Paris women invade Versailles and demand the kings return to Paris 1790 The Civil Constitution of the Clergy was passed 1791 The Constitution of 1791 was adopted.

Lous xVI & his family try to flee France but were arrested 1793 Louis XVI sentenced to the guillotine.

A national draft was issued calling for all able bodied men to enlist in the Army. September 1793- July 1794 The Reign of Terror court sentenced 20,000 -40,000 people to death 1799 The fall of the Directory heralds the end of the French Revolution by Jessica Bravo & Julianna Cervantes
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