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Finding a Graduate School

No description

Nataly Ramirez

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Finding a Graduate School

Finding a Graduate School 30 Second Sell Goals in Life!! Top 5 Ameture couples in the United States and top
10 ameture couples internationally!
Attend Graduate school.
Turn professional, when I have achieved my goal.
World known Ballroom judge.
Top coach in the United States and Internationally. Why Dancing?? Personal Goal
Current job
My passion.
MAAP and Career Liftoff:
artisitc, creative, social but yet
independent, preformer and
management. Graduate School: The Julliard School
Requierments: Online Application.
Letter of recommendation
from a dance teacher.
Attend a live audition.
Tuition: $32,180 California Institute of the Art
"The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance Program"
Requierments: Send in a Portfolio
(dance videos, choreographed routines, one solo piece)
3 letters of recommendation.
Professional Resume.
Artist Statement (2 Questions).
<Applicants who have passes the preliminary selection process
will be invited to CalArts for an interview and an audition>
Tuition: $34,830 NYC Steinhardt
Requirements: Audition & Application
Tuition: $58,829 Interview: Allan Tornsberg Attended Statens Teaterskol, in
Copenhagen, Denmark.
BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts.
He is World amateur latin, world
professional showdance and European
Top ranked judge and coach internationally
and in the United States.
He Choreographed some of Chicago.
A judge on Dancing with The Stars in Denmark.

Questions??? Q: What is your inspiration for dancing?
A: "My love for dancing, and for latin american
music, has throughtout my life been my greatest
joy and inspiration. To be able to express the
music with my body is the best thing I know.
My biggest motivation through my career has been
when a man and a woman are able to express the
aspect of the Latin American culture through the
Q: What has the dancing career fufilled for you?
A: The music, the choreography and the
costuming. I have had a chance to express my
creative sides. I have always valued the importance
to emphasize the femininity of my partners. I have
listened to the music as well as looked into my
partner's personality and through this, tried to bring
a genuine feeling on to the floor. All of these characteristics
were emphasized at my grad school. The Importance
of your partner, musicality and feeling. What's Next for Me? Graduate from Queens, in 2 years with an
Interior Design and Spanish degree.
Continue practicing and work harder
to be United States top 5 amature couple.
Open an online website of my own deisgned
Latin costumes.
Continue competeting around the world.
Get an internship with my sponser.
Apply for Grad school, and moved to NYC
or Denmark.

How do you Get into Dance School:
GPA doesn't really apply.
Practice and experience.
Tuition, depending if you can afford the costs, plus living out of state.
Future Trends Dancing and Costumes, you have to be on your
feet with change and new things.
Be able to keep up with the lastest designs,
the latest music and with the lastes moves.
Dancing will be increasing worldy;
DWTS: Canada, USA, Denmark, Italy...
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