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Quality & Social Media

No description

Renjie Santos

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Quality & Social Media

Number of Posts Airline 1 Airline 2 Quality and Social Media Revolutionizing the way we do business today Philippines #1 offshore provider of CRM services globally
Corporate Headquarters
12,500 employees
CRM, Healthcare, and Content Solution delivery centers India Chennai and Pondicherry are hubs for the pre-press publishing industry
3,000 employees
Content Solutions delivery center U.S. Europe Profitable onshore presence preferred by Healthcare clients
Also provides good shoring mix
700 employees
Sales & Marketing
Content Solutions and Healthcare delivery centers Vietnam One of the best-kept secrets of low-cost BPO delivery
700 employees
Content Solutions Delivery center Emerging BPO market starting to catch the offshoring wave
Sales & Marketing Australia Market-Driven Global Resource Network 18,000 employees in 30 locations worldwide ...and counting Strong and Solid Corporate Ownership SPi Global is the fastest-growing asset of
the PLDT Group of Companies CRM Contact center transactions
Voice, chat, email, SMS and social media
Quality and process management
Training Content Solutions End-to-end editorial, content production and related business process outsourcing solutions Healthcare Medical revenue cycle management
Coding and compliance
ASP hosting Social Media Social Media Management is the solution to help companies manage incoming and outgoing online interactions – along with other marketing activities – to maximize customer interactions and brand value. Social Media Response Management is much more than simply monitoring and tracking social media activity. Now, you can use social media as a VIABLE customer interaction tool.

Now, you can respond to, and engage with customers and prospects to increase sales, resolve issues, and gain true competitive advantage. 22% of Fortune 500 companies now have a public-facing blog that has at least one post in the past 12 months. 75% of brand "likes" on Facebook come from advertisements. 78% of consumers state that recommendations from other customers is their number one influencer in purchasing decisions. 80% of companies use LinkedIn as a recruitment too. Study:Inc. Omnicom Nielsen Jobvite 92% of all companies do not have a strategy or plan on how to react to social media, whether positive or negative. Online Survey 34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands. Universal McCann 85% of companies companies surveyed said that Social Media Marketing generated increased awareness, sales, and customer satisfaction of their business. Social Media Marketing Industry Report 79% of consumers have joined a company's community to get more information on the company. Universal McCann I am an opinion leader with a robust knowledge base. I want to raise awareness. Senior Level Social Media cuts across the organization I need channels to place our content, and therefore build traffic. Marketing I want to know and respond to what the public is saying about our products and services. Public Relations I want networking tools to create new business and locate new employees. Sales/HR Measuring Monitoring, analyzing, and tracking those conversations Engaging Active dialogue with customers and tagging comments Forums Others SMRM Methodology Listening Discovering real-time, relevant and impactful conversations Of mentions coded for positive and negative sentiment, establish which themes are generating a lot of conversations and track corresponding followers. Need to be able to manage real-time responses across a team:
assign tasks to people
manage task lists
categorize posts based on priority or type Case Study: Airlines pacific hong trivia contest kong seat cebu hot trip win @airline2 retweet promo travel capital airlines government korea @abscbnnews international double sale planning inconsiderate attendants air foreign dance philippines dancing assistance centers #airline2 stole japan flights fuel seats cont pac earnings trips resumes surcharge domestic flight safety south Online buzz for Airline 2 seats promos Social Media Data Analysis Social Media Data Analysis Negative Sentiments Identify opportunities for improvement
Measure unsolicited online CSAT results
Respond to a new engagement channel Positive Sentiments Celebrate category wins
Repost messages for brand value
Establish customer-valued services Social Media Data Analysis Our approach towards a CUSTOMIZED solution Scoping of your requirements through a needs-analysis exercise Development of objectives of the proposed engagement Presentation of a customized solution intelligence Experience quality processes that deliver the highest level of business intelligence and drive your business performance Quality Assurance Transactional Monitoring Operations Support Quality Tools Quality Reporting Monitoring and Audit Customer Satisfaction Surveys Design, Execution, and Analytics ASPIRE Quality Analytics Model A nalysis Arriving at the true root causes. S olution Targeted to the true root causes. P eople Synergy and teamwork. I mplementation Seamless execution. R eview Control measures. E ducate Communication and training. improvement We guide you on your journey towards improvement via the Lean Six Sigma methodology using the DMAIC model. Process Analysis
Lean Six Sigma Projects
Lean Six Sigma Tools innovation Make your business stand out. Lean Six Sigma via the DFSS model
Our comprehensive quality platform
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