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Speak by: Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Milad Shaoka

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of Speak by: Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak Summary
In summer before her freshman year of High School, Melinda Sordino was raped by a popular senior called Andy Evans. Over the summer, she and her friends went to a party and Melinda ended up calling the police, causing her friends and everyone at the party to socially reject her without knowing the truth. Melinda is too scared to defend her herself and tell all the people that are rejecting her of what really happened that night. She goes through a lot during her freshmen year of high school such as not having friends, parents always arguing, and has poor academic performance. Her silence gets her into more trouble with her parents and teachers because she never communicated about her personal life or shared any information with them. She decides that speaking only hurts her, and remains mostly silent, that leads to depression where she used to hide in a closet because she doesn't want to face her classmates or teachers. One day an event happened and she decided to
speak up and tell her friends the reason she called the police, she created a tree for art class that symbolizes her life. Finally, she ends the year with telling all her classmates the truth.
Authors Purpose
Authors style

The Style in this book is very simple. Its very easy to read and isn't organized in chapters. It is organized in sections and the sections are very short. Some of the language in the book is complex. However, most of the books vocabulary is easy to understand. There is definitely dialogue in the book but a lot of the book is her thoughts.
Point of View
The point of view of Speak is first person point of view . The character is telling it because she used " I ". She tells the story from her point of view and how she sees things. she talks about how she feels, we can see that when she says, " I feel like I can fly." (pg.222) . Through out the story, the point of view stays the same. The point of view is effective because it shows us how she felt and how she dealt with everything going on in her life.
Speak By: Laurie Halse Anderson
Presented By: Milad Shaoka, Emily Goro, Arpik Nishan, and Angelo Solis
Period 4
Author Information
Laurie Halse Anderson is an american writer who writes for kids all age , known for tackling tough subjects with humor and sensitivity and her work has earned numerous national and state awards. Laurie Halse Anderson was born on October 23,1961 in Potsdam, New York. She began her career as a freelance reporter, but soon moved to writing children's picture books. Her most famous work was when she published speak.
: Gripes (v.)

To complain

"If he gripes about the way she handled Thanksgiving, then he has to prove he can do a better job."(pg.79)


Flustered (V.)



Sentence :

"She was all flustered because a few Martha's didn't like her outfit." (pg. 100)
Blight (n.)

Plant disease

"The Dead period, when all my trees looked like they had been through a forest fire or a blight." (pg.181)
Clinging (V.)

Hanging, sticking

"The wind rustles dead leaves still clinging to the oak branches by the street." (pg.199)
Laurie Halse Anderson
Andy Evans description
Andy Evans is the primary antagonist in
speak. He
appears to be the cool, mature, older, fun and good looking senior. He's invited to all the parties, many teenage girls find him attractive and wanting to hook up with him as Melinda mentioned " Greek God: where did you come from? you're too beautiful to hide in the dark. Come dance with me" (pg. 163).On the outside he seems to be the sweetest guy that you start to fall for but he definitely has his evil side, his physical side where he won't take no for an answer. He has a reputation for inappropriate behavior with teenage girls. At the end he tries to rape Melinda again but she screams and he gets caught, the reason why she decided to tell her friends about Andy is because she was concern for Rachel's safety and the rape wasn't her fault. After all, no one wants to be friends with him and most definitely don't want to party with.
Figurative Language:
Metaphor: Figure of speech in which an implied comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something important in common.
Example: " The long curly cord snakes around and around and around her thin body, like a rope tying her to the stake." (pg. 78)
Explanation: She's comparing how the cord snakes is tied around her thin body and she can't move.
Figurative Language:

Hyperbole: Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
Example: "If she doesn't sell a billion shirts and twelve million belts on Black Friday, the world will end." (pg.76)

Explanation: She's over exaggerating when she says billion shirts and twelve million because she can't sell that many in a day and the world wouldn't end.
Favorite Passage/Scene
My favorite passage was when Melinda went up to Rachel at the library to tell her what really happened at the party and why she called the cops. It was my favorite passage because even though they didn't talk she still listened to what she had to say. In Melinda's View Rachel was not deranged. A quote i picked out was, "Hey," I say. "Hmm," she responds. No lip curling, no rude hand gestures. So far so good."(pg.215) What the quote means is that no matter what happens in life your friends will always be your friends. But sometimes they won't be close as they used to be.
Book Review
I would recommend this book to the students that are having a hard time in school especially the ones being bullied. Melinda had a hard time being bullied at school. So she over comped her fear and went for it. When you don't over come your fears you won't get anywhere in life. You always have to take big steps in life to achieve your dreams. Beings brave and taking initiative is all it takes.
Two Symbols
The Tree:
The Closet :
¨You get an A+. You worked hard at this.¨(pg.237 ) It was a symbol to Melinda because it expresses her feelings and her starting over in life. Her drawling the tree it expressed her anger.
¨My closet is a good thing, a quiet place that helps me hold these thoughts inside my head where no one can hear them.¨(pg.69) It symbolizes that she wants to hide from the world so she doesn't have to talk to anyone. It isolates her self from her friends that have betrayed her.
Favorite Passage
My favorite passage was when Melinda wrote on the board her suffrage assignment. She didn't want to speak because she was terrified of presenting front of the class. This was my favorite passage because sometimes I'm afraid to present front of the whole class for multiple reasons. She Mentions "What do they know about the inside of my head? Flashes of lightening, children crying, caught in an avalance" (pg.188). This quote pretty much explains why she doesn't want to speak because there is a lot going inside her head.
Man vs. Man:
"But you better believe that whenever David raises his hand, Mr. Neck lets him talk as much as he wants."(pg.185) David Petrakis took Mr.Neck to the judge because Mr.Neck was being racist and rude. David likes to talk what ever is on his mind but Mr. Neck does not let him.
Man Vs. Self
Theme: Bullying
Melinda gets bullied in school because of when she called the police on the party during summer but little did her friends know that she got raped so they judged her and stopped talking to her. During lunch she didn't have anybody to sit with, while she was looking for a spot, someone threw a lump of potatoes and gravy on her chest leaving Melinda speechless we see this when she says " All conversation stops as the entire lunchroom gawks, my face burning into their retinas." (pg.19). Those people were bullying Melinda and she couldn't do anything about it because she had no friends on her side.
Favorite passage
My favorite passage was at the beginning when none of her friends talked to her and she has no one in school. Melinda used to have friends but she lost all her friends after calling the cops on the party during summer. Her friend stopped talking to her before asking about her side of the story. During lunch she was alone and she has nobody to sit with so she was a target to get picked on because she looked alone and lost which lead to, " A lump of potatoes and gravy hits me square in the center of my chest." (pg.19). This was my favorite passage because it was interesting and it shows how you shouldn't judge someone before asking and making sure.
Andersen's purpose in writing this book is probably to help the kids having a hard time in high school. The lesson in this book is to speak out when things are necessary. Most kids hold all of their feelings in and end up depressed. The intended audience is kids in or going into high school dealing with problems. Most likely freshman or sophomores would be the kids to read this book. I know this because the book is about a girl in high school dealing with problems of her own.
Figurative Language:
Figurative Language : Hyperbole
Personification: Is a figure of speech in which a thing, an idea or an animal is given human attributes.
"I want to confess everything, hand over the guilt and mistake and anger to someone else".(pg.69) This quote means that Melinda wants to speak out but she can't. Shes afraid of the world and that they might judge her.
Definition: Exaggeration
"Thousands of leaves reaching to the sun"(pg.99).
Explanation: This is an example of personification because leaves don't have hands , hands or anything to reach.
Example: "I lie on the bench and watch he birds weave through the warm air until the sun burns so bright I'm afraid it will make holes in my eyeballs. " (pg. 124)
Explanation: This is an example of hyperbole because they're exaggeration, the sun wouldn't burn your eye.
Favorite Passage
My favorite passage is when Andy Evans gets caught trying to kill Melinda by the girls lacrosse team. Melinda was in her closet when the door closes. She turns around and Andy Evans is there. He tries to choke her but Melinda screams for help. Luckily Nicole and the lacrosse team hear her and help her. "He grabs me, pulls me away from the door, one hand over my mouth, one hand over my throat." (Pg 232& 233). I like this passage because Andy finally gets what he deserves.
Figurative Language :
Imagery: To present objects, actions and ideas in such a way that creates visual sense.
The room does not smell like apple. It smells like frog juice, a cross between a nursing home and potato salad" (pg.102).
Explanation: This quote presents imagery because we can imagine how the room smells like.
Arpik Nishan
Arpik Nishan

Milad Shaoka
Milad Shaoka
Milad Shaoka
Angelo Solis
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