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The Battle of Shiloh

No description

Devin Williams

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Shiloh
Total Soldiers
Captured or Missing

The battle started on April, 6 1862 and ended on the the day after. The Battle of Shiloh is a battle that took place in the Civil War.
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Johnston led the Confederates to a surprise attack against Grant's army around Shiloh church. The Federal forces were unprepared at first so they were drove into a place near the Pittsburgh Landing. (6)
Grant's army called for Buell's army for reinforcements. So by the next morning, the Federal army numbered about 40,000 after being reinforced, outnumbering Beauregard’s army of about 30,000. In that afternoon the Federalists established a battle line along a sunken road known as " Hornet's Nest." Then they counter-attacked the day after against the Confederates and won the battle.
Johnston was shot and badly wounded at 2:30 pm in the leg near Shiloh Church, and died within a hour from loss of blood. He was replaced by General Pierre G. T. Beauregard. Johnston's death had many bad effects on the morale of the Confederates. (6)
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The Outcome of The Battle of Shiloh
The Battle of Shiloh is known as the bloodiest battle up to that point in history. It was said that someone could walk a long way by stepping just on dead bodies (7)
Because of Johnston's death It eventually led to the Confederate loss at Vicksburg and other battles after that (7)
It eventually led to a morale boost for the Union which led to the win of the Mississippi for them. (7)
Many people found out that Grant is not the best person for a general, so many people wanted Abraham Lincion to fire Grant. At first he did not want to, but later Grant had a nervous break-down and then he was forced to leave the army. (8)
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Johnston's death eventually led to a morale decresease and that led to the Confederate's loss of the Battle of Shiloh.
Youtube Video
Don Carlos Buell
Ulysses S. Grant
Albert Sidney Johnston
P. G. T. Beauregard
Youtube Video
Youtube Video
The Battle of Shiloh was taken place by The Pittsburg Landing in western Tennessee after the Confederates drove the Union from Shiloh Church (1)
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