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"The Odyssey" and "O Brother, Where Art Thou"

comparing and contrasting "The Odyssey" with "O Brother,Where Art Thou?"

Katie Vobach

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of "The Odyssey" and "O Brother, Where Art Thou"

Comparing and Contrasting Main Charachter and Wifes Names Journey and Destination Sins and Encounterings The Odyssey: He grows up during the journey.
O Brother, Where Art Thou: Ulysses grows spiritually and prays at his cabin. The Odyssey: Odysseus and Penelope
O Brother Where Art Thou: Ulysses and Penny The Odyssey: Odysseus is heading home to Ithaca from the Trojan war.
O Brother, Where Art Thou: Ulysses is escaped from prison and returning to his wife. The Odyssey: Sin of pride/arrogance and strange encounters on his way home.
O Brother, Where Art Thou: Ulysses lied about why he was in prison and why he had to leave and he rescued Tommy on the way home. The Odyssey: Cyclops
O Brother, Where Art Thou: Big Dan Change during the Journey The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou? Monster Recognition The Odyssey: Odysseus's Son does not recognize him when he returns.
O Brother, Where Art Thou: Ulysses daughters do not think he is their father. Mesmerizing The Odyssey: Odysseus and his men are mesmerized by the lotus eaters and late by the Sirens
O Brother, Where Art Thou: Ulysses and his men are hypnotized by the women bathing in the river and led to the KKK. The End!
Katie Vobach
Miss Adams 6th hour
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