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climate change

the weather is afected by the human race

rachel naylor

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of climate change

When we think about climate
change we think global
warming but it's more than
that. Some of the ice is
melting and some
animals are loosing
their homes. When you use the
fire place,heater,
water,and a light you
use coal. We use enough coal
that every student
uses 1 50 pound bucket. We are over using our resorces of fossil fuels,oil,and coal. We should use the resorce that we have the most of sun light and wind We think that driving is the best way to go places but the best way is walking or riding a bike. It is true it is not the fastest but it is the best. Climate Change- any long term segnificent change in the weather patterns of an area.
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