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MiWine Design

No description

Dianna Rebbe

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of MiWine Design

MiWine Design MiWine Design Wine Producer and Retailer Specialized in providing unique custom made bottles of wine Market Need:
- Customizable
- Local (Michigan) Wine

- Accessibility
- Competitive Pricing Targeting Southeastern Michigan Women: ages 30-70 Targeting Southeastern Michigan TARGET MARKET Member of social or charitable organization College Educated Men: ages 30-70 Market Trends Member of one or more business social or charitable organization Market Growth Increase in:
Michigan population
SouthEast Michigan Household income
Higher-educated people in targeted areas
Online shoppers Competition 14 Wines from Michigan grapes
Grown organically
No added sugars, no foreign bacteria
No adjustment for acidity
No additives for color or mouth-feel
No heavy manipulation The Product Threats
Unpredictable cash flow
Growing interest in Michigan grapes
Dependent on Michigan’s grape crops
Competitive nature of industry Opportunities
Michigan grapes take fourth spot
Expending in wine varieties (other fruit)
Global online reach
Converting tasting room to a restaurant
Connecting with popular gift basket companies
Co-branding with wine retailers (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Papa Joes) Weaknesses
Grape supplier limitations to Michigan only
Wine variety limited to Michigan selections only
Maximizing use of shop to justify high cost Strengths
Expertise & involvement of the owners
Contracts with local suppliers
Strategic store placement
100% Michigan made SWOT Analysis A fun, customer-focused winery committed to sharing the enjoyment of highest quality wine in a lifestyle of moderation and responsibility.
We strive to be recognized for our ingenuity in capturing customer’s taste and imagination with every bottle created. Mission Wine Accessories
The Three Crows Co
Williams Cheese Co
La Mia Dolci Chocolate & Confections Complementary Products Personalized Labels
New Home
Job Promotion
Sporting Events
Your Creation The Product COMPETITION
(1) offering high-quality, branded product consumers

(2) creating sense of community among consumers

(3) reputation - reliable manufacturer - products on schedule Critical Issues (1) New geographic markets - local, national and international

(2) Successful internet site, relationships with local, national and international consumers

(3) Competitors who attempt to duplicate to products

(4) Survey - 67% consumers prefer moderate expensive wine Core competencies Marketing Strategy Financial Objectives (1) Expand manufacturing, increase distribution, two new product lines

(2) Build relationships and partnerships with suppliers ensuring they realize their importance in MiWine Design’s success

(3) Donate a portion of net revenue to support charitable organizations Marketing Objectives (1) Inspire people/more social enjoyment - wine more to their liking

(2) Internet support which can address consumers across the globe

(3) Market strong product - sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals

(4) Forming strong relationships with consumers Branding Develop product by:

•Direct mailings

•Person to person

•Demonstrate products’ unique qualities & build relationships

•Sales promotions and public relations Marketing Mix Situational Analysis
(1) Launched January of 2013 via GoDaddy as MiWineDesign.com

(2) Clean look, user friendly and easy to navigate

(3) Exceptional in-store service and online support Development Requirements and Service (1) Reach markets beyond southeast Michigan

(2) Establish and maintain strong online presence

(3) Strong online buying experience that is secure and user-friendly

(4) Establish newsletter/mailing list for frequent customers Website Goals (1) Create unique customer experience

(2) Templates for different events
Step-by-by step process

(3) Completing online sales to streamline operations Web Plan (1) Increase brand recognition and enhance brand name

(2) Establish a MiWine Design Club

(3) Offer easy and convenient wine purchasing and shipping

(4) Expand sales to more market areas throughout Michigan and the United States Website Marketing Strategy Promotion Price & Place Product Monthly Newsletter:
Helpful Hints
Info on production process
Fun facts
List of Michigan grapes
Calendar of Events Personalization at its best

Different templates for label including - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations, etc. Standard Wine prices for red and white wines: $15 - $30 Premium Wine prices for red and white wine: $35 - $55 Wine will be distributed through the retail store Overnight delivery available Financials Investments Receiving Equipment Cellar Equipment Materials Handling Cooperage Tasting Room Refridgeration Financed By:
- Investors
- Line of Credit
- Mortgage Controls Collect data from:
Internet surveys
Show room suggestion box
Internet feedback
Advertisement and promotions Marketing Research Gross margins more than 45%

Continue to pay our line of credit by the end of the month

Repeat customers

Check ID prior to sales 100% of time

Know competition

Continuous industry research  Keys to success Location:
Birmingham, Michigan
Wine tasting /show rooms

Weekly staff meeting

Quarterly production meeting Implementation Monitor achievement

Successful planning of the strategy

Identify the under performing products Exceptional customer service

Regular follow up thank you cards

Notify our customers of special promotions

Friendly environment - Sense of belonging to our family

Review feedback during quarterly meeting Contingency Plan Controls Survey Questions How did you hear about us?

What do you think about our wine quality?

How is our service?

How can we improve?

What other wines you like to share with us?

Would refer a friend? If not, Why? Break Even Analysis The End . MiWine Design
ML Spirits – Birmingham

WOW World of Wine – Birmingham

Simply Wine – Birmingham

Vintner Cellar of Royal Oak – Royal Oak

Fieldstone Winery – Rochester Hills

Fenton Winery and Brewery – voted best in Detroit

Personal Wine – Austin, Texas MiWine Design Birmingham Industrial Property Prices CRM Info Worst case risks might include:

The business is unable to support itself

Having to liquidate the inventory to pay back the loan

Dealing with financial, business, and personal devastation of the store’s failure Difficulties and Risks:

Slower sales than expected in sales forecast

Aggressive competitors

New competitors entering the market
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