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How to Change a Theory X Manager to a Theory Y Manager

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Ashley Quintanilla

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of How to Change a Theory X Manager to a Theory Y Manager

How to be a Theory Y boss...
How to Change a Theory X Manager to a Theory Y Manager
Theory X Manager

Issues deadlines and ultimatums
Short temper
Demands, never asks
One way communicator
Withholds rewards, and suppresses pay
Believe employees are lazy
Why not to manage as
an X Theory Boss?
Employees would not just be there to earn a check.
Employees would be more productive and we more willing to do more.
Employee Boss relationship would be better.
Employees would work better with management support (GOOD JOB)
Employees would be more likely to stick around longer

HLS 457
Elizabeth Maldonado
Veronica Hernandez
Ashley Quintanilla
Krysta Montez
Amy Hernandez
Corinna Sabaque

Want to be involved
To think for themselves
Make their own decisions
Share ownership of tasks
Moral support
Recognition for their work
Want managers to listen
How do employees want to be treated?

So Remember...
Theory Y Managers

Does not withhold any rewards and or compensations to threat the employees
Tolerant to mistakes
Cares about employee moral
Good communicators
Good listeners
Take suggestions and constructive criticism seriously
What will happen if you don't change....

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
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