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The mitochondria is like a battery battery because it helps

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on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The mitochondria is like a battery battery because it helps

Parts Of The Plant Cell
Cilia is like our nose hairs because they help catch unwanted debris and bacteria.
The mitochondria is like a battery
battery because they both help deliver energy.
endoplasmic reticulum
Cell mebmbrane
golgi apparatus
The cell membrane is like
a coat because it helps
protect the nucleus and a coat helps us protect our bodies.

The vacuole is like a vaccum
because they both help remove
unwated debris.
The endoplasmic reticulum is like a packing system because both of their jobs is to store and pakage.
The golgi apparatus is like a shipping department because they both are in charge of shipping.
The nucleolus is like a factory because they are both in charge of producing.
cell wall
The lysosome is like the apendix because it hold baterias and if it were to break it would kill the cell.
The cytposkeleton is like a bridge because they both give structure.
The nucleus is like a brain because they both control activity.
Ribosomes are like a construction worker because they both build.
The cell wall is like the great wall of
China because they both support and protect.
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