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Introduccion a Biónica/Biomimética

No description

Jorge Camacho

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Introduccion a Biónica/Biomimética

BiÓNICA / bIOMIMÉTICA introducción biónica: bimimética: 1960, Jack Steele
bion [vida], ic [similar]
bio[logy] + [electro]nics 1969, Otto J. Schmitt
bion [vida], mimesis [imitar] } This new science represents the study
and imitation of nature's methods,
designs, and processes. Yoseph Bar-Cohen "...through evolution, nature or biology
has experimented with the principles of
physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering,
materials science, mobility, control, sensors,
and many other fields that we recognize as
science and engineering." ¿Cómo funciona la evolución? 1. mutación
2. Selección (Natural) As the evolution process continues,
biology has created and continues to
create effective solutions that offer
great models for copying or as inspiration
for novel engineering methods,
processes, materials, algorithms, etc. Yoseph Bar-Cohen podemos copiar/imitar: 1. resultados de evolución
2. evolución misma estructuras
Materiales Evolutionary
algorithms Generative
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