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2016-17 Ass 2: House

Presentation of the 4th assignment, design the interior of a house

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of 2016-17 Ass 2: House


Assignment 2

Design the interior of a house

It has been designed by an architect, and you will have to design the entire interior, with technical equipment.


Research phase

See if the organization works for you.
the ground floor
the 2 bedroom floors
the bathroom(s) and toilet

don't forget the laundry room

Do it the fast way:

You get 1 day for the organization, thursday
we like to hear your conclusion.

You will be given a Pass/fail during individual tutoring.
Design phase

Design the entire interior:
* materials for floor, walls, ceiling
* furniture for kitchen, bathroom(s), dressing, home-office,...
* lightstudy
* ventilation
* heating

The assignment runs parallel with the GIDE assignments and the research for the bachelor proof.


Client evaluation: Presentation your design.
29th of November and first of Decembre

Fill in the list via Tolinto.

Contractors evaluation
= final evaluation of the fifth semester.

25th and 26th of January

Tutoring on random moments, at your table.

Prepare plans, sketches, ideas, examples.

If you are not talking with images, we are not listening!

You will be able to have several feedback moments on the same day, so that your design can evolve fast!

1. is kritisch, innovatief en ondernemend.
2. toont inzicht in ruimte, vorm en functie.
3. houdt rekening met de historische en actuele, de ethische, maatschappelijke en internationale context.
4. hanteert een doeltreffende ontwerpmethodiek (onderzoek, ideeën, evaluatie, selectie, uitwerking).
5. past de kennis van ergonomie, duurzaamheid, materialen, kleuren en technieken juist toe.
6. werkt het ontwerp technisch correct uit naar uitvoerbaarheid.
7. communiceert doelgroepgericht, zowel mondeling als visueel.
8. werkt zowel in team als individueel, werkt samen met andere disciplines en stakeholders.
9. toont kennis van de werking van het beroepenveld.
* For local students only

A family of 4
(2 parents, 1 child every 2 weeks)...but an extra child is on it's way...
The usual needs, with these extra's;
* one bathroom on the sleeping area
* a (separate) toilet on the sleeping area.
* a dressing room for the parents, extra storage is appreciated.
* 1 separate bedroom for the child + 1 extra bedroom and bathroom for the second child
* A small home office
a house in a row...
back of the house
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