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One Spark Public Relations Strategies

A hypothetical PR Strategies presentation for Jacksonville's One Spark event. Created by Amy E. Pittman for Dr. Carsten's PUR3801, April 2014.

Amy Pittman

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of One Spark Public Relations Strategies

One Spark
One Spark is a five-day event for creators artists, entrepreneurs and innovators will display Projects in a 20-square-block, multi-Venue gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Creators vie for votes from attendees to gain financial support. One Spark is about connecting people with great ideas to the resources they need to make them a reality. It’s the community behind great ideas.
Phase 2: Strategy
Phase 3: Tactics
Phase 4: Evaluation
Phase 1: Research
Goals & Objectives
Action & Response
Communication & Implementation
Innovators without funding
Jacksonville not meeting potential
Internal: Creativity & Enthusiasm
External: Originality & Innovation
Internal & External: Support
Internal: Foster Habitat of Growth
External: Build Up Jax & Globalization
Internal: None
External: Big Business
Participation: Creators & Community
Support! Embrace! Visit! Vote!
Social Media
Awareness & Participation
-Promotion Codes
-Brochures: Art Walk, Farmers Market, Etc.
-College Visits: Benefits of being involved
Internet Consistency
-Blog: Pictures, Success Stories, Etc.
-Feedback: Questions, Concerns, Etc.
Positive for Individuals and Community
Increase Financial Support
Traditional Media Outlets & Local Celebrities/Leaders
Social Media
Internet Consistency
Increase Financial Support
-News Outlets: Folio, Void, FTU, WJXT
-YouTube & Commercial
Voting & Visiting
Voting & Visiting
-Press Release Emphasis
-Make App User Friendly
-More Kiosks
-Awareness: Likes on Facebook, Tweets, Views
-Feedback: Volunteers & Creators
-Donations: Increase?
-Participation: Visitors & Voters
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