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The Karo People of Ethiopia

No description

Emily Sinkewicz

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of The Karo People of Ethiopia

The Karo People of Ethiopia
The Karo people are not nomadic, the population of about 1,000 to 3,000 lives along the east banks of the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. The Karo people build permanent residences and practice flood retreat
farming (footprints).
The Karo people, also known as Kara, are a small society (footprints). They are well known for their cultural practices, such as painting themselves in white, black, yellow and red to show pride, the scarification of their chests to show either beauty or victory in battle, the clay buns they wear in their hair to show victory, and their elaborate ceremonial dances performed at initiations, marriages, and harvest (13suns).
1. http://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes/omovalley
The Omo Valley Tribes
This page has excellent information about the environment the Karo live in, how they have adapted to it, and how it is being threatened by land grabs and the building of a hydroelectric dam.

2. http://13suns.com/Ethiopia/South/Karo.html
13 Suns Tours P.L.C.
This page has information on the daily lives, traditions and culture of the Karo people, as well as their farming and trades.

3. http://www.footprintsethiopia.com/destinations/cultural-attractions/omo-valley-tribes/karo-people
Footprints Ethiopia Cultural Tours
This page has basic information about the Karo people, their lifestyle, and cultural dress.

Are They Nomadic?
Environment Adaption
The Karo people are farmers, bee-keepers and fishers (13suns). They practise a type of farming called 'flood retreat and river bank cultivation.' Their crops and food supply rely largely on the seasonal floods of the Omo River, and their lifestyle has been greatly threatened by land grabs and the building of a hydroelectric dam on the river. The climate in their area is harsh and semi-arid, and so the silt left after the river flooding is ideal for growing. Their crops are mainly sorghum, maize and beans (survivalinternational). The Karo people used to be rich in cattle, but an epidemic of tsetse flies caused the cows to die off, and now it is only possible to keep a small amount (13suns).
Who Are The Karo People?
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