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The Seer of Shadows

Lindsay's book report

Lindsay Jones

on 4 March 2012

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Transcript of The Seer of Shadows

The Seer of Shadows
Rising action
Falling action
Horace, Eleanora, Pegg, Mr. Middleditch, Mrs. Von Macht
New York City, 1872
Background information on the characters
Horace is Mr. Middleditch's apprentice in photography. Mr. Middleditch is going to take pictures of Mrs. Von Macht. He is going put a picture of her dead daughter, Eleanora, in the photograph. Mrs. Von Macht is a rich lady. Pegg is Mrs.Von Macht's servant.
Horace is bringing Eleanora back to life through his photographs.
Mr. Middleditch makes Horace take secret photographs of pictures of Eleanora to use for the ghost photograph.
Horace thought he only took three photographs, but there are really four. When he develops the last one, he realizes that it is not of a picture that the Von Machts have in their house, but a photograph of an angry-looking Eleanora.
Pegg tells Horace that Eleanora was not the Von Macht's daughter, and that she died because the Von Machts neglected her.
They bring the final product to the Von Machts. The final product is both Horace's photograph of Eleanora and Mr. Middleditch's photograph of Mrs. Von Macht put together so it looks like a real ghost photograph.
Since Mr. Middleditch is out, Horace goes over to the Von Macht's house to talk to Pegg. They planned to do this because the Von Machts aren't home. She tells him all about her and Eleanora.
Horace goes to Eleanora's grave to take some more pictures because Mr. Middleditch wants to make another ghost photograph. While there, Horace thinks he sees her run by him. When he develops the photographs, he sees Eleanora in every one.
Horace goes over to the Von Macht's house to set up for Mr. Middleditch to take more pictures of Mrs. Von Macht. While there, he talks to Pegg about him seeing Eleanora in his photographs. She thinks he's a seer of shadows.
Horace sees Eleanora trying to burn down the Von Macht's house. He scares her off, but she burns down Mr. Von Macht's factory instead. She is trying to kill the Von Machts to get revenge on them for what they did to her.
Horace and Pegg decide to help save the Von Machts. Horace thinks they can get rid of Eleanora by dumping a bucket of photograph developing solution on her because that's how she was brought back to life, like a photograph.
Mrs. Von Macht beggs Eleanora for forgiveness. Horace and Pegg finally get rid of Eleanora. The Von Macht's house goes up in flames.
Horace and Pegg go to Horace's family's house. His family lets Pegg stay there until Horace is 18 and Pegg is 17.
At that time they get married, move to Vermont and get jobs. They also have a daughter whom they name Eleanora.
Horace and Pegg's daughter is sick. She begs Horace to take her picture, but he refuses. He thinks he will see the gray angel (meaninng the person will die soon) or Eleanora Von Macht hovering over her shoulder.
Note: the conflict is not

recognized until Horace sees that he has four pictures, not three.
Point of veiw:
1st person- Horace is telling the story, and he is a character in the book.
Horace Carpetine
Eleanora Von Macht
Type of conflict: man vs. man (or ghost).
Thanks for watching!!!!
This Prezi was made by Lindsay Jones
Some may disagree as to whether Eleanora is the antagonist because of her bad childhood. I believe that she is still the antagonist because even if you did have a horrible childhood, it's still not a reason to be evil.
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