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Copy of Happy Holidays- A Reusable Prezi Greeting Card

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Margo Brown

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Happy Holidays- A Reusable Prezi Greeting Card

Happy Holidays! Mariah, Mikayla and Matt Cocoa Mariah Matt The Brown Family Happy Holidays
from The Brown's I am 9 years old. I love to lay on beds and go for walks. I love eating bones. Woof! Mariah is a Jr. in high school. She is running cross country and distance in track. Mariah is a volunteer at Anderson Animal Shelter and Second City Canine Rescue. She enjoy working with animals. College is coming soon and Mariah is looking at college in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. She also got her drivers license. She likes driving others around. Her favorite memory of 2012 is going to the YMCA camp in Colorado. Matthew is a Freshman in high school. He plays the trombone in the school band. He ran cross country and is now swimming for the high school teams. He loves swimming the breast stroke and is working on improving his time. His favorite memory of 2012 is zip lining in Colorado at the YMCA camp. He is continuing to be involved with Boy Scouts and is hoping to complete his Eagle Scout project in a year or two. Mikayla Mikayla is in 6th grade at Trinity Lutheran School. She is playing soccer for the Star SC. She really enjoys playing soccer year round. Mikayla enjoys swimming in the summer for the Barracudas. She went to Walcamp for her outdoor education for a week. The picture on the bottom left is her at Walcamp with a group of her friends. Her favorite memory of 2012 is spending a week during the summer with her cousin, Maria. She enjoyed going to the Horse camp with Maria and hanging out with the other Brown's from Iowa. Mike Mike has been working 9 years at Chamberlains as a Mechanical Engineer. He enjoys taking the dog for lots of walks. He coaches Mikayla's soccer team. He plays basketball every week with some guys. His favorite memory of 2012 is when he went zip lining in Colorado at the YMCA camp. Margo Margo is in her 6th year teaching 5th graders. Many changes to education are continuing to challenge everyone that teaches kids. Teaching consumes most of her free time during the school year, so the summer are a time to sleep in, shop, and drive the kids everywhere. It has been nice to have another driver around to help out (Mariah). She has been doing some college visits with Mariah as she will be a applying this next fall to her top choices of schools. Her favorite memory of
2012 was the beautiful scenery in Colorado. Run Matt, Run! Pass the ball! Pick it up! Mariah collected school supplies
for students in need. She collected
over a 1,000 supplies. Let's go Matt! Our cousins came to visit us from Iowa. We had a great time seeing them. We had a great time at the
YMCA camp in Colorado.
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